Calima Surf: one of the best surf camps and schools across Europe



Calima Surf: One of the best surf camps and schools in all of Europe

  1. A complete proposal to master the waves
  2. Why choose Calima Surf camps to learn to surf?
  3. The comfort offered by the best surf school in Spain
  4. Bilingual instructors with great experience in the Canary Islands
  5. Drysurf Training System; the latest to improve surf learning
  6. All you need for your surf holidays
  7. Enjoy Famara, the best beach to learn surfing
  8. Lanzarote a unique destination to get in touch with nature
  9. The experience of learning how to surf on Lanzarote island

Calima Surf: one of the best surf camps and schools in all of Europe.

Any time of the year is ideal for surfing, but there is only one perfect place to practice it: Las Canarias. This archipelago of the Atlantic Ocean has become, today, the most visited corner of Spain for lovers of this exciting sport, not only because of the great quality of its waves but also, because this place is Calima Surf base , one of the best surf schools in Europe

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Whatever your surfing level is, whether you are a beginner or if you have an advanced master of the waves, in Calima Surf you will always have a precise activity to improve your conditions and skills, learning and having fun to the fullest with the help of professionals with quite a lot of experience.

Here are some of the reasons why you should consider this heavenly place in Spain for your next surf trip.

A complete proposal to master the waves

Reflex movements and balance. Two elementary conditions for surfing that are achieved with exercise and constant practice. In order to achieve the best results, nothing better than having the help of expert surfers, who give you the confidence to master the waves and teach you the right keys for easy and effective learning.

Calima Surf is a widely recognized surf school as the most prestigious not only in Spain also throughout Europe. Thousands of students from different parts of the world have passed through this institution, who have experienced surfing learning in a fun and unforgettable way.

Located on Lanzarote Island, Calima Surf offers an irresistible proposal: the possibility of surfing in a unique place, with excellent weather conditions throughout the year, the best facilities for learning hand in hand with true professionals, a privileged environment to stay facing the sea in a unique atmosphere with surfers from all over the world.

The activities offered by Calima Surf are aimed to power the participant’s qualities, maintaining an adequate physical condition and optimizing their surfing level. For this, the expert monitors have developed a complete training program, both theoretical and practical, for anyone who is interested in learning to surf, even if they have never surfed before.

Why choose Calima Surf camps to learn to surf?

One of the most valued reasons for those who have participated in the Calima Surf camps training program is the experience that the institution has acquired over the years. Since 1996, the surf school has taught courses for people from different parts of Europe, receiving an average of 1,500 new students every year.

Its training proposal has been developed taking into account the participant´s age and level, so that both novice surfers who need to know about the most elementary surfing steps, as well as the most experienced who seek to obtain a better performance riding the waves.

That is why this teaching method is so recommended more than 30 thousand students have experienced its results. Many of them return every season to enjoy again the best surfing environment in all the region.

Thanks to more than 23 years of experience preparing new fans for this exciting sport, Calima Surf is recognized as the best surf school in Spain and one of the most sought after in Europe.

The comfort offered by the best surf school in Spain

In addition to the school, Calima surfing is recognized for offering the best surf camp in the Canary Islands. The surf camp packages that they offer have facilities for accommodation just a few meters from the waves, within the protected nature reserve of Famara, on Lanzarote Island.

The proposed accommodation includes three spacious houses fully equipped  for a great surf holiday as well as shared rooms with up to 4 beds per room, private rooms for couples, comfortable terraces and barbecue area.

Surfcamp common areas include WiFi, Chill Out room and entertainment staff to create a true surfer environment, with visitors from around the world.

If you are planning a vacation with your family, Calima Surf also has camps in private apartments with all the comforts for families with children.

Bilingual instructors with extensive experience in the Canary Islands

Being an international school that receives students of different nationalities, Calima Surf has highly qualified bilingual professionals, who are recognized by the Spanish and Canary Islands Surf Federation. These surf instructors have been certified by the British Surfing Association and have extensive experience in teaching this sport.


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Calima Surf experts will teach you all necessary security measures for surfing with confidence; They will teach you the cycle of the sea, the currents, the weather, the wind conditions, the bottoms, etc., and they will share everything you need to become a prominent surfer in no time.

In addition, these instructors are also lifeguards and graduates in this modern and revolutionary Drysurf and gyroboards balance teaching systems, developed to guarantee an evolution of your surfing level from the beginning.

Drysurf Training System; the latest to improve surf learning

El Drysurf Training System it is a working system specially designed to prepare and protect the organism from the physical effort while surfing. Thanks to this new methodology, it is possible to eliminate aggressive impacts, correct posture and avoid any type of injury that may occur.

Through a simulator on land, students can become familiar with surfing techniques in an easy and safe way. The Drysurf Training System has been properly tested to work the surf routines without damaging the body´s joints.

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In this versatile workout, it is possible to learn to move your body depending on the type of wave, flexing properly inside a tube, performing stunts and surfing in unfavorable conditions. In addition, jumps, thrusts, tractions, launches and many other body movements can be performed.

This new teaching system is included in all the packages offered by Calima Surf, from the most basic to the most intensive. Thus, participants can make contact with the table to prepare their muscles and mechanize their movements, in an entertained training at the same time.

Whether for those who are at the level of initiation, as for those who seek to improve their surf technique or enhance their physical resistance, this teaching system is highly effective, being configured as a differential factor when choosing the place to learn surfing in Europe.

This is one more reason why Calima Surf is considered one of the best surf schools in the region. In this link you can learn much more about the innovative Drysurf Training System.

Everything you need for your surf holidays

As part of its innovative proposal, Calima Surf has a 200 square meters gym designated for the theory lessons, as well as the photo analysis and video corrections. In addition, it is the space destined to the training of the new techniques of the Drysurf Training System, directed by professionals licensed in physical education.

In terms of equipment, you can find new boards of the most prestigious brands, such as Pukas, La Santa Surf, Burcley, Nsp and Surf Canarias, as well as O’Neill brand wetsuits.

All the material is constantly renewed and for those who wish to practice surfing freely, it is possible to rent surfboards and equipment at very good prices. This alternative is ideal for those experienced surfers who want to try new boards or for those who do not travel with their own board.

Enjoy Famara, the best beach to learn surfing

Famara Beach, on the island of Lanzarote, is the most suitable for surfing of all the Canary Islands. This beach is ideal for the quality of its waves, its high-level spots and its long-running foams, which facilitate learning for both beginners and intermediates.

If something characterizes Caleta de Famara´s village is its typical surfing environment, very different from the tourist´s other summer destinations. Surfers from all over Europe usually go to this beach, attracted by the ideal conditions for surfing. In this environment, Calima Surf has established itself as one of the best surf schools, to practice this sport from any level. 

Without a doubt, Famara Beach has the best conditions to learn surf with total safety. This destination has a lifeguard center; In addition, all the monitors of the Calima Surf school are certified in water rescue.

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Lanzarote: a unique destination to get in touch with nature

Known as the Atlantic Hawaii, the island of Lanzarote, has an enviable climate for much of the year. In addition, its volcanic rocks and crystalline waters make it a unique place in the world. That is why its coasts are visited by surfers of different nationalities, who are attracted by its waves and its attractive natural landscapes.

This island, declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO in 1993, is a true wonder of nature. And it is that its charm goes beyond the sun and the waves; In Lanzarote, the ecosystem and art merge to give the visitor a unique and different experience, leaving an indelible emotion to the tourist.

Its cuisine is just a sample of what Lanzarote can offer. In addition to the local heritage, its food shows influences from Spanish and South American cuisine. Meat, fish and olive oil are essential inputs of this pairing, which is usually accompanied by high quality cheese and wine.

The prestigious architect and painter Cesar Manrique is the most recognized artistic reference in Lanzarote. Los Jameos del agua, the foundation of Cesar in Tahiche and the viewpoint of the river, are a clear example of his art.

La experiencia de aprender surf en la isla de Lanzarote

If you are thinking of attending the best surf school in Spain, you should know that the island of Lanzarote is a very safe destination for visitors. Local prices are really cheap, with alternatives for transportation, lodging and food for all tastes.

Depending on the time of the year, on this island it is possible to rent a car from 16 euros per day, about 100 euros per week. These cars usually include full risk insurance and unlimited mileage.

In addition to the surfing environment, Lanzarote also offers countless options to enjoy the day outdoors, such as sea excursions, golf courses, and sport fishing. The fun can continue at night, with its nightlife that will take you away from boredom.

Have you ever thought about learning to surf in the best surf school in all of Europe? We are sure that in Calima Surf you will cover all your expectations and enjoy an unforgettable experience riding the waves on the coasts of Lanzarote, the best island to learn to master this exciting sport.

Make up your mind to learn surf; come to Calima Surf, take a board, put on your suit and feel the adrenaline in your whole body with this fantastic experience of surfing in the Canary Islands.

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