Rent Camper Vans in LanzaroteRent your own camper van from 85€/Day

Explore every corner of the island without renting accommodation or transport!

Lanzarote offers countless enjoyable activities to do, as well as the chance to sleep under the stars with some of the purest skies you’ve ever seen. Rent a camper van now and live on Lanzarote’s seafront in peace and tranquility, lounging on the luscious beaches and falling asleep to the sound of the waves.

We regularly renovate our camper vans, ensuring our customers get perfectly maintained modern vehicles and get the most out of their holidays.

We currently have the following models:


Hyundai  H1 Enaire

Year: Chasis 2006 & Autocaravana 2014

Capacity: 3 Ideal Parejas

Características: Cama Marimonio 130x180, cama Salón 70x180, equipada con tv, agua caliente, baño y ducha separados, longitud 5,45m, ancho 1,82cm.

*Ideal para moverse entre islas  


Hyundai  H1 Enaire
Hyundai  H1 Enaire
Hyundai  H1 Enaire camper vans


Volkswagen T5 Enaire

Year: Chasis 2008 & Autocaravana 2015

Capacity: 3  Ideal  para parejas

Características: Cama Matrimonio 120x184, cama salón 90x188, equipada con agua caliente, baño y ducha separados.

¡Ligera y pequeña en dimensiones pero amplia por dentro!


Volkswagen T5 Enaire
Volkswagen T5 Enaire camper vans
Volkswagen T5 Enaire


Mercedes 411 Enaire 

Year:  2015

Capacity: 2+2 

Características: Ducha separada, agua caliente, toldo, tv, antena, portabicis, calefacion y vitroceramica Webasto, equipadísima, longitud 5,90m. 


Mercedes 411 camper vans
Mercedes 411
Mercedes 411 camper vans


Asso  2015

Year: 2015

Capacity:5   Dos camas de matrimonio  + 1 individual 

Características: Cama Matrimonio 160x200, cama salón 130x195


Asso  2015 camper vans
Asso  2015 camper vans
Asso  2015 camper vans



Year:  2015     

Capacity:  6-7 PLAZAS

Características: 2 Literas de 90x200cm, cama matrimonio de 140x220, salón grande de 100x175, salón pequeño 60x165, cama individual 65x185

Una autocaravana amplia, grande y cómoda para que puedas disfrutar de cada trayecto con total confort.


YES camper vans
YES camper vans
YES camper vans


¡Disfruta de unas vacaciones diferentes! 

The instructor responsible for this course is:

Originally from the Canary Islands, Maike founded this surfing camp in 1996 and is in charge of human resources and marketing. He started surfing in 1981, his passion for the sport leading him to surf in 5 continents. In the early days of Calima Surf, he managed the school and led the surfaris with the most advanced level 3 customers. Maike is still in search of the perfect wave and will travel the world to find it. If you want to meet him, find him in San Juan or La Santa where he spends more time than he does in his own house.

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