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How to Repair a Neoprene Surf Wetsuit?


How to Repair a Neoprene Surf Wetsuit One of the essential elements for surfing, as well as the most suitable board according to your needs and qualities, is the wetsuit. A neoprene wetsuit is made of a very resistant elastic material, which is also waterproof. It protects the body from the cold, preventing it from […]

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Surf Fashion


Surf fashion is currently a trend for both men and women, it is a style that allows us to be comfortable without giving up fashion. Combined with a pair of jeans, which is the garment par excellence of casual style, the surf-inspired t-shirts and sweatshirts allow us to dress well every day and be presentable […]

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4 Tips on how to take care of your wetsuit


By following some good practices to keep our surfing material in good condition will help us extend the life of the neoprene suit and also save some money. Always rinse your wetsuit after surfing. The best way to rinse it is in cold water as hot water deteriorates the neoprene. Take your time rinsing the […]

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