Main Image Rent Bikes in Lanzarote
Main Image Rent Bikes in Lanzarote
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Rent Bikes in Lanzarote

Rent Bikes in Lanzarote¡Discover Lanzarote on wheels!

Lanzarote is ideal for a dynamic fun-packed holiday. And one of the best ways to discover this paradise is on wheels! We offer different types and brands of bike to rent. Rent one now and go on unforgettable bike rides down the countless paths and routes (Link to Surfing + Mountain Biking) that Calima offers.

Rent your favourite bike and get around in total freedom, exploring all corners of the island. Whether you prefer basic bikes, mountain bikes or road bikes, here in Famara, you'll find them all!

We have the following models:


mountaion bike basic

Mountain Bike Basic

1-2 Days - 12€/Day

3-6 Days - 11€/Day

7 or more days - 10€/Day

With Mountain Bike Basic, you can try out Lanzarote's many routes and paths, both in the mountains and on flatland, and reach the island's hidden corners.

mountain bike pro 29

Mountain Bike Pro 29

1-2 Days- 39€/day

3-6 Days- 33€/day

7 or more Days - 24€/day

With Mountain Bike Pro, explore all the hidden spots, inaccessible with other bikes. Rent one now!

Carbon mountain bike

Carbon Pro Bike

1-2 Days- 45€/day

3-6 Days- 32€/day

7 or more Days - 28€/day

This road bike has a super light frame, stopping it being heavy and rigid. It's very comfortable to ride and great for a bike ride around Lanzarote'e volcanic terrain.

The instructor responsible for this course is:

Originally from the Canary Islands, Maike founded this surfing camp in 1996 and is in charge of human resources and marketing. He started surfing in 1981, his passion for the sport leading him to surf in 5 continents. In the early days of Calima Surf, he managed the school and led the surfaris with the most advanced level 3 customers. Maike is still in search of the perfect wave and will travel the world to find it. If you want to meet him, find him in San Juan or La Santa where he spends more time than he does in his own house.

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