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Our Teaching Techniques.

Calima Surf has expanded its course offering this summer. Have you heard about the Drysurf Training System? This new and revolutionary teaching system is already available in our surf school guaranteeing great improvements in your surfing technique from day one. This system is equally effective for beginner surfers, excellent for the improvement of one’s technique as well as for keeping fit. If you were looking for a differentiating element when choosing your surf camp, you have found it.

Monitores certificados

Calima Surf are pioneers in surf courses and techniques since 1996. Our packages include this training system which you will not find in any other surf school in Lanzarote. What does this mean? Well, there is no other school that can offer this service since we have exclusivity throughout the island. We have been in constant evolution for two decades and thus we want to offer you the most innovative learning techniques on the market. In terms of surfing, the Drysurf Training System is the most innovative that exists up to this day. In a previous post, we had spoken about ways to improve the 'take off' at home, however we are now able to say that there is no better exercise than that which takes place on the Functional Balance Board. During one hour of training, a beginner can practice the 'take off' between 40 and 60 times, which is equivalent to a week of work in the water, provided the conditions are optimal.

Surf de Iniciación y progresión

This new system also allows you to correct your posture on different levels, primarily by being closer to the instructor making it easier to monitor a whole class as compared to being in the water. It is a very versatile instrument. We speak of an apparatus without comparison because of the amplitude of the platform and its unique stability system. This training system favours the neuronal stimulation and due to so many repetitions of the movements our brain memorizes the technique and correct posture, making it much easier to perform the movements when in the water. This is known as "proprioception".

In our Drysurf certified training centre, unique in Lanzarote, we are able to give you the necessary preparation for your next surfing session. Using this new system our certified monitors are able to adjust the sessions perfectly to suit your surfing level. The Functional Balance Board is also useful for many other aspects such as for functional training to stimulate all muscle groups and to improve communication of the nervous system.

Great tool for beginners.

The Drysurf Training System is here to stay and is included in all our surf packages, including the introductory surf camp. From the beginner level surf courses to intensive and advanced courses, everyone will have the chance to try out this great new teaching technique. The sea is always changing making it difficult to learn and perfect your surf techniques especially for the ´take-off´ and how to position and balance yourself on the board for the first time. On land it is much easier for a beginner surfer to learn how to balance themselves on a board as not to fall off rather than in the water.

Fotos y vídeo análisis para garantizar un efectivo aprendizaje

Adapted for the experienced surfer.

We are talking about a board that can also be adapted to higher level surfers who come to Lanzarote in search of a surf camp specialized in progression. Do you already stand up easily? With the Drysurf Training System you will learn to move your body depending on the type of wave, to flex correctly inside a tube, to perform your first tricks and to surf in unfavorable conditions. It is a versatile board where you can perform jumps, thrusts, tractions, throws, receptions, beats and many more movements and exercises.

Our own Drysurf gymnasium.

To be able to provide this service having a large and comfortable space to practice in is a must. Calima Surf has its own drysurf gym of 150 square meters. An exclusive space in the natural reserve of Famara where different groups of students at different levels are able to practice and improve their techniques with the help of our three qualified monitors: Itziar García, Melina Zoe and Dominic Stefan.

Nuestro gimnasio en Famara

Training for the body and mind;

With the help of this innovative system, students will enjoy a combined therapeutic training to strengthen their muscles and improve their balance, as well as gain greater agility and flexibility. At the same time, your proprioception will improve dramatically. Result: an improved physique and better coordination.

In addition, we prepare your body for extreme situations and you will improve your reflexes and instincts. After only one session you will notice a greater body balance.

General benefits:

It gives us confidence and security, thus improving our surfing at all levels.

Unlimited postures:

Many kinds of exercises that will increase your performance and correction of postures making your initiation to surfing as simple as possible.

Versatile and adaptable:

Variety of jumps, tractions, blows and stretching can be practiced. Can be adapted to each student, both children and adults, and favours the adaptation of surfing in extreme conditions.

Avoid injuries:

Many postures and positions can be practiced in order to strengthen all the muscles of the body and thus condition the body and mind and avoid injuries.

La mejor forma de aprender hacer surf mediante vídeo correción

Learning with video and photo correction.

The Drysurf course includes video and photo correction. To avoid falling into bad habits and correct mistakes beforehand, surfing has teamed up with technology. After each class the monitors together with the students will analyze the most common mistakes in an entertaining and relaxed environment. Throughout the week you will be able to observe your progression and that of your classmates on TV. There is hope even for the clumsiest of the class!

The easiest way to learn how to surf.

You will learn quickly with our method, using logic and analytics adapted for both the beginner and the expert students. Our theoretical classes will show you how waves are formed, the techniques of paddling, how to duck and how to stay agile on the board. We use video and photo analysis so that you can see yourself and be able to correct any mistakes.

Clases teóricas de iniciación al surf

We have always said that yoga and Pilates complement perfectly with surfing and the Functional Balance Board is totally adaptable to these disciplines, so this summer you can get fit at Calima Surf like nowhere else. Like all training systems, teacher prior training and learning is required and here at Calima Surf three of our instructors have already received the necessary training to be able to teach Drysurf Training System in its different variants. Book your place now with Calima Surf and do not miss out on the opportunity to learn from the real professionals. We will be waiting for you in Drysurf classes with Calima Surf!

Certificado de surfing para los principiantes

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