Canary Islands Surf Schools

Main Image Canary Islands Surf Schools

Many people view the Canary Islands  as ´The Surfers´ Paradise´. This is due to the constant winds combined with different types of seabeds which bring about such a wide array of waves. Moreover, you can choose the season which best suits you as the good weather will not be an...

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4 Tips on how to take care of your wetsuit

Main Image 4 Tips on how to take care of your wetsuit

By following some good practices to keep our surfing material in good condition will help us extend the life of the neoprene suit and also save some money. Always rinse your wetsuit after surfing. The best way to rinse it is in cold water as hot water deteriorates the neoprene. Take your time...

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Scuba diving and new technology

Main Image Scuba diving and new technology

Discovering the amazing beauty of the seabed, being spectator of a parallel world is a unique sensation, until now almost indescribable… But today, if words aren’t sufficient, technology, which came into the diving field, can help you share your experiences.  Seeing divers with...

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The great guide to learn to surf

Main Image The great guide to learn to surf

If you’ve been interested in surfing for a few time or for some years already, this guide will help you understand and learn a bit more this sport. It will give you the essential information so that you can start learning from home. We hope that this guide will give you the motivation to take the...

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