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Frequent Questions about Calima Surf ‘s 2022 summer camps

This page tells you all you need to know about residential summer camps:

All the lessons are in English or Spanish! At our camps, children consolidate their English with bilingual supervisors, whilst doing their favourite sport!

Without doubt, the best options for flying to Lanzarote are:

  • Where do the children stay?

    We provide a large house where the children stay, with separate rooms for boys and girls. We have photos available on the “surfhouse” section of our website. 

  • What are the meals like? Is food included in the cost?

    All food is included. Breakfast, afternoon snacks and dinner are provided by an authorised catering company in Lanzarote and lunch is arranged by the school. The food includes: warm sandwiches with salad, meat fish, tortilla etc. There is a different menu every day. 

  • What documents do the children need to bring with them?

    They need to bring an identity document and health card. They also need to inform the camp of any health conditions or allergies.

  • Who is in charge of the children at the camp?

    We provide qualified supervisors with years of experience who will be with the children at all times, except when they are doing their surfing lessons, when they will be supervised by the qualified instructors. The children will be monitored 24 hours a day by the supervisors, with an internal rota which they must comply with. 

  • About the flight:

    One thing that tends to concern parents is letting their child fly alone. Air companies offer a “unaccompanied children” service. For the peace of mind of the parents, this is recommended.

  • Transport, departure and arrivals:

    There will be several supervisors in charge of arranging trips to and from the airport. One of the supervisors will be waiting in the arrivals zone to collect the child from a member of the cabin crew. If your child is travelling alone, you should book an accompaniment service from the airline so that they can be at all times accompanied by an adult. In order for us to collect your child, you must send us authorisation so that the cabin crew can deliver them to us. 

  • Low-cost airlines flying to the Canary Islands:
    • suele ser la que tiene mejor precio si vienes desde Valencia, Barcelona o Madrid
    • con la caída de Spanair también abre líneas desde Bilbao, Madrid y Barcelona

And we’re only 3 hours from any point in Spain!

The instructor responsible for this course is:

Originally from the Canary Islands, Maike founded this surfing camp in 1996 and is in charge of human resources and marketing. He started surfing in 1981, his passion for the sport leading him to surf in 5 continents. In the early days of Calima Surf, he managed the school and led the surfaris with the most advanced level 3 customers. Maike is still in search of the perfect wave and will travel the world to find it. If you want to meet him, find him in San Juan or La Santa where he spends more time than he does in his own house.

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