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Looking to surf in the Canary Islands? In Caleta de Famara (Lanzarote), you’ll find our surf school, a pioneer in promoting and establishing the foundations of surfing in the Canary Islands!

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Surfing in the Canary Islands

Table of contents:

  1. Car rental for surfers in Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura, and Lanzarote.
  2. Renowned surfers in the Canary Islands.
  3. Waves on the island of Tenerife.
  4. Where surfers can stay in Tenerife.
  5. Impactful surfing video in the Canary Islands: “El Pecas.”
  6. Waves on the island of Gran Canaria.
  7. Where surfers can stay in Gran Canaria.
  8. Waves on the island of Fuerteventura.
  9. Affordable accommodations in Fuerteventura.
  10. Waves on Isla de Lobos.
  11. Waves on the island of Lanzarote.
  12. Recommended surf school in the islands.
  13. Surf hostel in Famara right by the waves.
  14. Waves on the island of La Graciosa.
  15. Where surfers can find affordable accommodations on La Graciosa.

surf en canarias


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Some recognised veteran surfers in the Canary Islands:

Jonathan Gonz√°lez, Joe de Armas, and Alex Zirke from XXL waves in Tenerife.

Luis Díaz, Antonio Márquez, and Juan Francisco Betancor in Gran Canaria.

Jos√© Casillas “El Pecas” in Fuerteventura.

Manuel Lezcano, Fran Sáenz, José María Cabrera, Jeray García in Lanzarote.


The best waves on each island for surfing in the Canary Islands


Tenerife, the capital of the western islands, offers a paradise for surf lovers. From the imposing Teide, Spain’s highest mountain, to its stunning volcanic landscapes, Tenerife is a unique destination that combines nature and surfing.

The beaches in the south of Tenerife, such as Las Américas and Los Cristianos, are known for their quality waves and consistency. Here, surfers of all levels can enjoy ideal conditions for practicing their favorite sport. Additionally, the north coast of the island, with spots like El Socorro and El Pris, offers excellent opportunities for more experienced surfers.

With a wide variety of surf spots and a rich and diverse culture, Tenerife is a must-visit destination for those seeking water adventures. No matter your level of experience, in Tenerife, you’ll find waves for every taste and enjoy an unforgettable experience in the surfing paradise.

Some of the best waves in the North of the island of Tenerife:

  • San Borond√≥n (the XXL wave of the island)
  • Igueste de San Andr√©s in Santa Cruz de Tenerife
  • El Callao in Punta Hidalgo
  • El Socorro in Los Realejos
  • La Caleta in Garachico
  • El Charco in Bajamar

Some of the best waves in the South of Tenerife:

  • El Conquistador in Las Am√©ricas
  • Las Palmeras in Las Am√©ricas
  • Las Conchas in Gu√≠a de Isora
  • Punta Blanca in Gu√≠a de Isora
  • Las Galletas in Las Galletas

Places to stay cheaply in Tenerife:

Adeje in the South of the island: Twinfi surfhouse +34 609 56 50 65

Las Américas in the South: Endless summer hostel +34 922 75 10 40

Surfing in the Canary Islands Video: El Pecas



Gran Canaria, the capital of the eastern islands, is a destination with a wide variety of tourist accommodation options. With golden sandy beaches, stunning landscapes, and a rich surfing history, this island is a paradise for sports and nature lovers.

It was here, in the late 1960s, where surfing was born in the Canary archipelago, with the legendary La Cicer beach as the epicenter of surf culture. Today, this beach remains a benchmark for surfers from around the world, with its waves and lively atmosphere.

In addition to La Cicer, Gran Canaria boasts a variety of surf spots suitable for all levels, from beginners to experts. From the gentle waves of Las Canteras to the more technical peaks of El Confital, there is always something for everyone on this island.

With its warm climate year-round and unique culture, Gran Canaria is the perfect destination for combining surfing and exploration. From discovering the historic Vegueta to relaxing on the white sandy beaches of the south, this island offers an unforgettable experience for surf lovers and adventurers.

Some of the best waves in the North and West of Gran Canaria:

  • El Front√≥n in Galdar (a favorite among bodyboarders)
  • San Felipe Beach
  • El Circo right and left
  • El Paso (XXL)

surf canarias el paso

-El Picacho (XXL)

surf canarias el picacho

-El Roque

Roque’s right

surf en canarias la derecha del roque

Boquines left and right

-Los Enanos

Quintanilla’s left

Lloret’s right

surf islas canarias la derecha del lloret

Lloret’s left

surf canarias izquierda del lloret

-La Cicer (El Pity)

surf lanzarote la cicer (el pity)

-El Confital (one of Europe’s best right-hand waves).

surf famara el confital

Some of the best waves in the South and East of Gran Canaria

-El Castillo

-El Coletón

-Los Pescadores

-La Laja

-Playa del Hombre


-Zona militar aeropuerto

-Muelle de Arinaga

-Las Salinas

-Pozo Izquierdo

-Castillo del Romeral

-Juan Grande

-El Pirata

-San Agustín

-Playa del Ingles

-Faro de Maspalomas

-El Palomar

Right and Left of Arguiniguin


Affordable accommodations for surfers in Gran Canaria:

Ponte Las Cholas Beach House – Phone +34 622509991 (Alexis)

Little Surf House – Phone: +34690928817 (Alfredo y Rosa)



Fuerteventura, known as the majorera island, is a globally renowned paradise for windsurfing and kitesurfing enthusiasts. With its extensive coastline and multitude of beaches, this island is a privileged destination for lovers of the sea and wind. However, the popularity of surfing has led to saturation in some areas, with more surf schools than waves across the entire island.

Although the presence of surfers can be overwhelming at times, Fuerteventura remains an incredible place to enjoy the sea and surfing. Its endless beaches and sunny climate throughout the year attract surfers from all over the world in search of perfect waves and the tranquility of its natural landscapes.

However, it is important to note that in recent years, Fuerteventura has experienced a demographic shift. In places like the town of Corralejo, the presence of Italian residents has significantly increased, representing 69% of the population in 2017. This foreign influence has transformed the local atmosphere, but has also enriched the island’s gastronomic and cultural offerings.

Despite these changes, Fuerteventura remains a must-visit destination for surf and adventure enthusiasts. Its unique landscapes, relaxed atmosphere, and excellent conditions for water sports make it an unparalleled place to experience an unforgettable time at sea.

Some of the best waves in the North and West of Fuerteventura island:

-El Muelle de Corralejo


-Acid Drop


-La Generosa


-La Caja


-El Hierro

surf canarias hierro fuerteventura

-Los Alemanes (Years ago it was called the Legionnaire’s right, in a few years there will be one called the Italian wave ūüôā)

-Punta Blanca

-El Muelle del Cotillo

Cotillo 1st and 3rd beach


Some of the best waves in the East and South of Fuerteventura island:

-Punta Elena

-El Burro

-El Moro

-Las Caletas

-Playa Puerto Rosario

-Faro de Jadía (Cruz Roja)

surf en canarias faro de jadia (cruz roja)



surf en canarias salinas

-El Puertillo

-Punta Mandanga

surf lanzarote Punta Mandanga

-El Secreto

surf islas canarias el secreto

-El Tigre

-La Turbia

Affordable accommodations for surfers in Fuerteventura:

Homegrown Surf House +34 928 535 720



Lobos Island, a small natural paradise off the coast of Fuerteventura, is a tranquil and remote destination that offers a unique experience for surf and nature lovers. Unlike other islands in the archipelago, Lobos does not have tourist accommodations or commercial services. The village, consisting of modest fisherman’s houses, lacks shops and bars, so it’s important to bring food and water for the day.

Despite its apparent isolation, Isla de Lobos is an amazing place for surfing. From the Corralejo pier, in front of the fishermen’s guild, you can hire a zodiac travel service for just 10‚ā¨ per person. This trip will take you to the shores of Lobos, where you’ll find challenging waves and pristine landscapes to enjoy a unique and authentic surfing experience.

The best waves of Lobos Island:

Lobos Right

surf en canarias la derecha de lobos

-El Marrajo

-Faro’s left



Lanzarote, known as the island of volcanoes, is a magical destination that captivates visitors with its natural beauty and unique charm. Here, tranquility, good food, and local hospitality come together to offer an unforgettable experience.

This island, preferred by surfers, boasts numerous tourist centers that offer a wide range of activities for all tastes. However, it’s Playa de Famara that stands out as the true paradise for surfers. With its impressive waves and spectacular natural surroundings, Famara attracts surfers from around the world in search of excitement and adventure.

The sculptor and painter César Manrique, an iconic figure of the island, greatly contributed to its charm and preservation. His influence can be felt throughout the island, from the architecture to the conservation of the natural landscape.

In short, Lanzarote is a unique destination that combines natural beauty, local culture, and a passion for surfing. Whether you’re seeking thrills in the water or simply relaxing on the beach, Lanzarote has everything you need for an unforgettable vacation.

Playa de Famara, a natural spot, a paradise for surfers.

surf en canarias famara

On this island is where you will find our surf camp and surf school, one of the most prestigious schools for surfing in the Canary Islands where you can also stay, just a few minutes’ walk from the best waves.



Since 1996, we have been training thousands of surfers in the Canary Islands, for surfers of all levels (beginners, intermediates, and advanced).

curso de surf en famara cursos de surf en lanzarote famara

With experienced surf instructors highly qualified by the Canary Islands Federation.

escuela de surf famara escuelas de surf en famara lanzarote


Famara beach offers over 5 kilometers of sand and waves for beginners 365 days a year.

cursos surf playa famara escuela surf playa famara


Afternoon activities focused on surf training:


Comfortable accommodation just 100 meters from Famara beach:

Surfhouse Hostel en Famara.


surfhouse famara alojamiento en famara

Spacious sunny terrace, with barbecue and sea views. 43‚ÄĚ TV and Wi-Fi in common areas of the hostel.

apartamentos famara hostel lanzarote
habitacion doble lanzarote habitaciones doble playa famara

Comfortable rental rooms in Famara. Surf camp by the waves.


alojamiento islas canarias apartamentos hostel lanzarote
alojamiento compartido habitaciones separadas y mixtas

Separate rooms for girls and boys, charming accommodation in Famara.

surfhouse compartido lanzaroe alojamiento a pie de playa

apartamentos surf famara

Some of the best waves in the North and West of the island of Lanzarote:

-Volc√°n de la Santa

-Izquierda del Barranquito

-El Quemao (XXL)

surf lanzarote el quemao

Known as the Canarian Pipeline, El Quemao is the European equivalent of Hawaii on the island of Lanzarote. Every year, this spot hosts the Quemao Class championship, attracting the best surfers from Europe to compete in challenging and spectacular waves.

The waves at El Quemao are known for their power and size, offering an extreme challenge for the most experienced surfers. This spot is a legendary place where surf enthusiasts gather in search of thrills and unforgettable moments.

surf famara el pipeline canario surf en canarias el hawaii europeo

The Left of La Santa

surf famara la izquierda la santa

-La Misteriosa (XXL)

The Center of La Santa

surf en lanzarote el centro de la santa

The Right of La Santa (XXL)

surf canarias la derecha de la santa

Left of the La Santa complex (XXL)

surf en famara izquierda del complejo la santa

Caleta Caballo Left

Caleta Caballo Right

surf en canarias derecha caleta caballo

-Los Corrales

surf en playa famara los corrales

-San Juan

surf canarias san juan lanzarote surf en canarias playa de san juan canarias

-El Perejil

-El Cagao

-El muelle Famara

Sabia Right

-Playa de Famara(el Codito, el Molino, el Bunquer, el Palo y el Papelillo)

surf en canarias playa de famara (Lanzarote)

Guinate Right (XXL)

La Herradura Right

La Herradura Left


-Orzola Beach

Some of the best waves on the East and South of the island of Lanzarote:

-Playa de Arrieta

surf canarias playa de arrieta

Right by El Lagos restaurant

-El Espino

surf en las islas canarias el espino

-La Jedionda

-El Cartel

surf islas canarias el cartel

Left and right of Jameos

surf en canarias Izquierda y derecha de Jameos

-Coletón Blanco

-La Ara√Īa

-Caleta del Mero

-Las Salinas

-Faro Pechiguera

-El Castillo Papagayo



La Graciosa was officially recognized as the eighth island of the Canary Islands in March 2018. It’s a privileged destination for surf enthusiasts, nature lovers, and those seeking tranquility. It’s particularly attractive for advanced surfers, as its waves are powerful and not suitable for beginners. Additionally, La Graciosa lacks surf schools due to the absence of sandy beaches where teaching can take place.

This island offers a unique and wild environment, with breathtaking landscapes and a relaxed atmosphere. Here, surfers can enjoy the authenticity of nature and the excitement of surfing in a remote and less frequented setting.

Some of the best waves on the island of La Graciosa:

-La Francesa

surf canarias la francesa surf en canarias isla de la graciosa

-Monta√Īa Amarilla

surf en canarias monta√Īa amarilla

-El Corral

-La Meduza

surf canarias la meduza

-El Basurero

-El Ganao

-El Hueso

-La Lambra

Places for surfers to stay cheaply on La Graciosa:

Pensión Enriqueta +34 928 84 20 51

Pensión Girasol  +34 650 849 825

4×4 Excursions – Surf trips and surfaris around the island

Many of the beaches and natural areas of La Graciosa are difficult to reach on foot or with other vehicles. A 4×4 jeep allows you to reach these remote places and explore corners of the island that would otherwise be inaccessible.

Phone numbers: +34 638 086 965 (Andrés) +34 646 184 995 (Miguel)

Calima Surf

Calima Surf

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