How to choose your first surfboard

Main Image How to choose your first surfboard

This is something that nearly everyone gets stuck on. And it’s probably a good thing you did. Buying a surfboard isn’t cheap. You need to make the right choice. You need a board that will last a long time, that will help you to learn well and fast, and that won’t burn an unnecessarily...

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Parts of a Surfboard

Main Image Parts of a Surfboard

The last week we talked about recommendations when buying your surfboard. Not to sound like a nerd or a technician on the subject, but there are important things that you should know about surfing and its basic tool: The Surfboard. This seems very simply but there are many essential details for good...

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6 Recommendations when Buying Your Surfboard

Main Image 6 Recommendations when Buying Your Surfboard

It’s true that for those of us who love to surf, our mouths start to water when we enter a store filled with new boards, in different shapes, styles and colors. And we would certainly love to take them all, but the truth is that, when you need to buy a surfboard, there are certain aspects that...

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