Surf vs Bodyboard – Which is better?


Surf vs Bodyboard – Which is the best?

Both Surf and Bodyboarding have a common origin, the Hawaiian Islands, as well as, its creation time is very old, as the first indications tell us that they were activities performed by the original inhabitants of the place.

However, as both sports have been positioning themselves in the world, some rivalry and clashes have arisen between the fans and practitioners of each speciality, about which one is better.

This rivalry between bodyboarders and surfers has been going on for a few decades, with surfers claiming that they are superior and that surfing is superior to bodyboarding.

It is not easy to decide which is the best between these two sports, because depending on which one you practice, you can say that yours is the best.


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Differences between Surf and Bodyboard

These two sports are among the world’s favourites, with many fans and people eager to take up one or the other.

  • Surfing allows you to ride bigger waves than those caught on a bodyboard.
  • In general, surfers believe that there is more fun in riding a wave standing up on the board than lying down on the bodyboard.
  • The materials used to build bodyboards are cheaper than for surfboards and no waxing is required.
  • Bodyboarding can be practiced by everyone, including children.
  • Surfboards are much heavier than bodyboards, which makes them somewhat difficult to move.
  • Bodyboards can easily be carried under the arm and anyone can do it.

Spectacular image of a surfer catching a wave in Duranbah, Australia.. | Photo by Brandon Compagne on Unsplash

Reasons to learn Surf

Surf is a very exciting sport, it is about riding the best waves, to get the most fun; so say those who practice it and in general the fans of it.

Among the reasons or motives for learning surfing, we can mention the following:

  • Surf favours the improvement and fitness of the body, because you must be in good physical condition to practice a physically demanding sport like this.
  • Surf helps to develop the ability to solve challenging situations.
  • Learning surf raises your prestige and positioning, as you gain experience in its practice.
  • You will be able to use different types of boards and fins for surfing.
  • Learning to surf is a good option to take advantage of the good waves while you are on the beach.
  • Youth is a reason to learn surf, since in old age, the possibility of learning or practising surfing decreases considerably.

Reasons to learn Bodyboard

Bodyboard offers you a lot of fun, without the risks you might take when surfing; there are no limitations on age or physical condition. Let’s take a look at some reasons to learn bodyboard.

  • Bodyboards offer more stability than surfboards.
  • There are no age limitations for bodyboard, even children can learn it.
  • It is very easy to transport and move a Bodyboard, given its light weight.
  • Bodyboards are very cheap and easy to buy; they are also very flexible and have great resistance for big waves.
  • Learning to bodyboard can be a stepping stone to becoming a surfer, once you are fully proficient in riding waves.
  • Bodyboarders can ride tricky or difficult waves that surfers can’t get to with their boards.
  • There is less chance of having an accident while bodyboarding than when surfing.

Wave differences for surf and bodyboard

The ideal waves for surf are those that are big but with slow movements; in this way the surfer can do his manoeuvres and tricks, standing out in them.

Some surfers prefer the so-called infinity waves, because they can be surfed until you can’t feel your legs.

Bodyboard waves should be more powerful and energetic because that’s where the fun is; the kind of waves where they seem to crash against each other are preferred by bodyboarders or those that form a triangle.

The fact of lying on the board allows the athlete to ride drier and faster waves.

Image of a surfer taming a jaws at Haiku-Pauwela, United States. | Photo by Anton Repponen on Unsplash

Recommendations for learning to surf or bodyboard

If you decide to learn any of these sports disciplines, it is important that you have theoretical knowledge of it, so you can decide which one attracts your attention the most.

You will also have a clear idea of whether surfing or bodyboarding is best suited to your physical condition.

It is also important that you take into account the economic aspect and the budget that you can allocate for the practice of one or the other speciality; considering that Surfing is more expensive than Bodyboarding.

It will always be important that you decide to practice the sport that you identify with and that gives you satisfaction.


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