Los Jameos del Agua – Tourism in Lanzarote


Los Jameos del Agua – Tourism in Lanzarote

Lanzarote never ceases to amaze us and another spectacular beauty that you must visit when you are on this wonderful island is Los Jameos del Agua.

Los Jameos del Agua, consists of a natural space, where a centre for art, tourism and culture was built; this attraction is located in the municipality of Haría, towards the northern part of the island of Lanzarote.

The entire structure comprising Los Jameos del Agua was designed and developed by the architect and artist César Manrique.

Jameo is a word originating from the aboriginal language and refers to the holes resulting from the collapse of the roof of a volcanic tube.

The Jameos del Agua are located in the inner part of the volcanic tunnel that was produced by the eruption of the Corona Volcano.

The area of the tunnel known so far is 6 kilometres long, of which approximately 1.5 kilometres are under the sea, which is why this area is called the Tunnel of Atlantis.

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What to do in Jameos del Agua

The space created by nature was intervened by the architect and native artist of Lanzarote, Cesar Manrique; his intention was to make available to tourists and visitors a space to contemplate nature in all its splendour.

This was the first art, tourism and recreation centre conceived and realised by Manrique, reflecting his basis for creativity: the existence and permanence of harmony between nature and artistic creation.

Jameos del Agua is the perfect place where man and nature embrace each other freely; Cesar Manrique’s creativity allowed him to shape the basalt to create spaces full of harmony, beauty, peace and tranquillity.

Walking through Jameos del Agua it is possible to find many unique and impressive spaces and corners, with a natural lake of crystalline waters and a barrel vault that somehow resembles the nave of a cathedral.

This space has a hole in the upper part through which an impressive beam of light penetrates from above.

Crossing the lake laterally by means of a footbridge, one arrives at Jameo Grande and there it is possible to observe an impressive garden, with a wonderful vegetation of palms, cactus and fig trees.

If you continue on past Jameo Grande, you will find the magnificent Auditorium, located inside a volcanic rock, a unique place due to its acoustic and geological conditions.

It is also possible to encounter the blind crabs, a species endemic to the area, which are continually moved by the high and low tides.

jameos del agua

Photograph of the entrance to Los Jameos del Agua | Source: https://www.spain.info/

Activities and timetable of Los Jameos del Agua

The opening hours of Los Jameos del Agua are from 10:00 to 18:30 hours; except Tuesdays and Saturdays when it is from 10:00 to 00:30 hours.

Just having the opportunity to visit this unique and marvellous place and taking the time to appreciate it properly and adequately is enough to live and have a different and special experience.

Its atmosphere, spectacular and unique in the world, where the natural and the artistic are combined in a totally harmonious way, is still a little hard to believe.

The ingenuity and creativity of this artist and architect, César Manrique, allow visitors to discover and get to know a place full of peace, harmony and incomparable beauty; in spaces that call for reflection, to put the imagination to work and to live moments of reverie and introspection.

jameos del agua lanzarote

Photograph of the underground lake of Los Jameos del Agua | Source: https://www.puentedemando.com/

Other Tours and Surfing in Lanzarote

Apart from visiting Los Jameos del Agua, there are many other activities in Lanzarote for tourists and visitors to enjoy and get to know the paradise that is the island of Lanzarote.

You can take a tour of the main tourist attractions of the island with native guides to learn first hand the history of the area.

You can visit the island’s beaches, which are very popular and fabulous with their white and golden sands such as Playa Blanca, Playa Dorada and Playa Flamingo.

You can also go surfing, no matter what time of the year you visit Lanzarote, as its characteristics favour the practice of this sport all year round.

The island has schools to learn to surf, especially in Caleta de La Famara, where you will find the “Calima” Surf School Lanzarote, with the best instructors and coaches who can teach you surfing from the basics to expert levels.

jameos del agua lanzarote

Photograph of the restaurant at Los Jameos del Agua | Source: https://turismolanzarote.com/


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