Arrecife, capital of Lanzarote – What to visit, where to surf?


Arrecife, capital of Lanzarote – What to visit, where to surf?

When you travel to the island of Lanzarote you should not miss out on visiting and getting to know its capital, the city of Arrecife, which is also a municipality and as a curious fact is the smallest on the island although it is home to the island's capital.

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Why visit Arrecife?

When you travel to Lanzarote you should visit its capital Arrecife, which was named as such in the second half of the 19th century and today is the administrative and economic centre of the island of Lanzarote.

This city has a certain seafaring character, it maintains its historical condition of having been a defensive fortress against pirate attacks and nowadays all kinds of commercial transactions and mercantile alliances are carried out in its territory.

From its port, cargo ships leave for other regions of Spain and European countries.

It is a renowned tourist centre with a wide variety of places for visitors to explore.

In recent times Arrecife has seen its population increase thanks to the arrival of immigrants from the Iberian Peninsula, as well as from Morocco and Colombia.

What to see in the capital of Lanzarote

Las Bolas Bridge and San Gabriel Castle

The Las Bolas Bridge consists of a stone-covered bridge over which the Castillo de San Gabriel was accessed; its construction dates back to the 16th century and measures 175 metres, serving to connect the castle with the mainland.

Nowadays the Castle of San Gabriel houses the Arrecife History Museum.

Entrance to the Castle of San Gabriel, Arrecife (Lanzarote).

Lanzarote Marina

This is a modern, modern marina; along the promenade there are a multitude of shops as well as recreational activities and restaurants.

Church of San Ginés

Its history dates back to 1630, when a merchant of French origin, Francisco García Santaella, founded a chapel consecrated to San Ginés, the French bishop; today it is still standing with the modifications and remodelling that have been made for its conservation.

Church of San Ginés, Arrecife (Lanzarote).

Municipal Recova

In the historic centre of Arrecife and close to the church of San Ginés is located this space which is the old Market Square; there are many stalls available for sale, located in a unique architectural setting, which has been restored and refurbished.

El Reducto Beach

This is a natural beach, visible when the tide is low and protected by a reef; it is located in the city, so it is considered an urban beach.

It has fine golden sand, calm, serene waters and is approximately 500 metres long. It has promenades and services, as well as a charm that makes it truly special.

Access to El Reducto beach, Arrecife (Lanzarote).

San Ginés Pond

This space, where the sea enters forming a lagoon, is very close to the centre of Arrecife; it offers unique and unforgettable views of the boats anchored in the waters of the pond, the low houses of the area and the restaurants that are located there.

How to get to Arrecife from the airport?

The city of Arrecife is only 5 kilometres away from Lanzarote Airport. You can easily get there using the LZ-2 motorway and then connect to the LZ-3.

Main tourist attractions in Arrecife, Lanzarote

  • Jameos del Agua
  • Museum of the Atlantic
  • Monument to the Peasant
  • Cave of the Greens
  • César Manrique Foundation
  • Timanfaya National Park
  • Cactus Garden
  • Museum of Contemporary Art
  • José Saramago House
  • Mirador del Río Viewpoint
  • El Cuervo Volcano
  • Lagomar Museum
  • César Manrique House
  • La Graciosa Island
  • Aeronautical Museum

Arrecife Surf & Famara Surf

On the Arrecife beaches you can surf all year round thanks to its privileged climate; being a sport that requires perseverance and discipline to advance and improve more and more in the skills to perform tricks, movements and manoeuvres, in Lanzarote you can improve your sporting conditions throughout the year.

The more time you spend practicing with a coach or instructor the more possibilities you have to improve your performance and stand out among the best surfers in the world.

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We have beginners, intermediate and advanced courses.

In this surf school, the coaches are there to adapt to the ability and knowledge of the athlete who wants to surf, either for fun for a while or to turn it into a full time sport, come and enjoy the authentic Famara surf.

The best conditions for learning to surf in the Canary Islands are found during the summer season.

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