Electric Motor Surfboard – The Best Choice for Surfing?


Electric Motor Surfboard – The Best Choice for Surfing?

Since ancient times, the first inhabitants of the Hawaiian islands practised what is considered to be the predecessor of what we know today as surfing.

Today, it is one of the most popular sports in coastal areas with good waves.

It is important to have a good surfboard, selected according to the specific characteristics of each athlete such as weight, size and level of experience to ride waves.

Recently, surfboards with electric motors have come onto the market. Today we are going to see what this is all about and if it is a good option for surfing.

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What is a motorised surfboard?

tabla de surf con motor electrico

Kit Boost Surfing Fin, convert your conventional surfboard into an electric surfboard | Photo: https://www.actualidadmotor.com

It’s a board made for fun; you can either ride waves or take a ride in the surf.

These boards have a motor that is placed in the keel and operated by a remote control that the surfer wears on his wrist; at the touch of a button, it starts or stops.

Motorised surfboards have changed the existing condition that there must be waves to surf, as the motor drives the board and you can ride in the sea while riding it. The engines can be petrol or electric.

Some of these electric surfboards use the same technology used for jet skis to generate propulsion.

Motorised surfboards can also be used on lakes, rivers or any body of water of medium size or larger.

The idea of surfing is to use the athlete’s own strength and power to push, paddle and stand up to ride the wave successfully.

With the addition of a motor that saves a lot of the work, some would say that the enthusiasm and excitement of traditional surfing is lost.

Why buy a surfboard with a motor?

  • Powered surfboards have come along to reinvent and refresh the traditional, long-used surfboards, offering the ease of use of a jet ski.
  • Motorised surfboards definitively eliminate the problems caused by traditional surfboards, as they can be used in the absence of waves and wind.
  • The long paddling function is eliminated, as these boards are assembled at the touch of a button.
  • You can learn to surf faster and master the sport in a short time.
  • With electrically powered boards, the number of people who can surf expands, regardless of their physical condition, age, level of learning or experience and personal styles.
  • Motorised surfboards can be used in rivers, lakes, canals, oceans and seas.

Motorised surfboards or Jetboards

jetboard, tabla surf motorAwake Rävik, the electric surfboard that allows you to go at a top speed of 56 km/h | Photo: https://www.elespanol.com/

A board with a motor, where the athlete or rider controls the board by using a remote control on his wrist, while using his weight to control and execute the manoeuvres he wishes, has favoured the emergence of a new water sport that has been called Jetboard.

It has been devised based on the surfboard, to which a motor has been added to facilitate its movement without requiring great effort.

Why a Jetboard?

Jetboards are becoming more and more popular with water sports enthusiasts and are already being touted as “the next big thing in water sports“.

As a very satisfying experience, jetboarding is beginning to make its presence felt and gain momentum over traditional water sports.

Powered surfboards eliminate the drawbacks of traditional boards that require waves and wind to use.

One of the reasons why it is so appealing is that it allows the practice of surfing to be recreated in a way for all those who have dreamed of surfing, but do not have the appropriate characteristics for surfing as such.

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