Do you know what your real surfing level is?



Do you know what your real surfing level is?


When signing up for a surf course it is important to know exactly what your level is. This is one of the questions on our registration forms and a very valuable information to organize the groups in advance according to the knowledge of each one, based on the fact that in the surf school Calima gives lessons to all levels of surfing. It is important that you clarify your doubts so that everything goes smoothly from the first day.

Level 1 (beginner):Very easy to identify. If this is your first time at a surf camp, this is your place. These classes are also designed for students who, although they have attended a surf camp before, have not acquired the basic knowledge to take the leap to the next level.

  • Classes are held in the foam and at shallow depths.
  • You learn how to lie down correctly on the board and how to start the paddling.
  • Standing up. There are several ways to do it and you will discover them all.
  • The emphasis is on achieving the initial position on the board.
  • The most advanced will start turning throughout the week.
  • Calima Surf certifies the completion of the beginner's surfing with a Level 1 diploma.

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Level 2 (intermediate):

Having mastered the first few items, it is time to make the leap to the second level that the school has. There will be many practical concepts to polish and much new theory to assimilate. Objectives of the course:

  • You will learn how to take-off before the wave breaks.
  • You'll polish up any mistakes in the starting position.
  • You'll discover how to ride a wave correctly.
  • You'll learn how to position yourself in the right place on the peak and find the reference point out of the water.
  • We will put the duck into practice.
  • Changing the board. You will leave the sofboards aside and try your hand at epoxy.
  • Calima Surf certifies the completion of the course with a Level 2 diploma.
  • Here a video of a Level 2 class with Calima Surf:

Level 3 (advanced):

Students learn how to handle the timing of the wave and how to perform the manoeuvre required by the wave according to its characteristics and peculiarities.

  • Surftrips are made around the island looking for the best possible conditions.
  • An epoxy or fibre board will be used. It will depend on the qualities of each student.
  • You will learn to move with a certain amount of ease both frontside and backside.
  • Improvement in bending and body posture in the different basic positions.

curso de surf en canarias

Level 4 (competition):

Calima Surf is also able to prepare for competition and works with local surfers in the area. Course objectives:

  • Performing several manoeuvres at the same time on the same wave in an aggressive manner.
  • Correct selection of waves for a championship.
  • Constant alternation of spots to dominate all types of waves.
  • Execute each movement with the maximum possible style. 

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