What is the Leash?


What is the Leash? – Surf Guide

If you are starting your journey in the world of surfing, you have probably heard about the “leash” and have doubts about what it is; well, because you have not been able to ask or do the respective research to clarify your doubts and possible confusion.

Today we are going to comment a little about the Leash or Invention used in Surfing… Follow us so that together we can discover what this “leash” is all about.


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What is the Leash?

Image of a surfer holding his surfboard and leash | Photo: https://dackscompany.com/

The Leash is basically a rope by means of which the surfer is literally tied to the surfboard.

This prevents the surfboard from getting away from the surfer and the surfer having to swim for it when he loses it, because at all times the surfer will have the surfboard on his foot held by the Leash.

Not only is it a problem for the surfer to lose the board, but any loose board could cause an accident injuring a surfer.

The Invention was devised in 1971, by Pat O’Neill, the son of the creator of wetsuits, Jack O’Neill; at that time, it was a rope to tie the board to the surfer’s ankle to avoid the discomfort caused by the loss of the board due to a wave or a possible accident caused by a lost board.

Since that time, leashes have evolved a lot; today they are made of highly resistant materials, they offer greater safety and there is a suitable invention for each surfboard.

Can the Invention be broken?

Breakage of the Cleash can definitely happen; it could happen on a day of great waves and a competition event. So it is always recommended to carry an extra Convent to avoid mishaps and bad moments.

The Invention can break even if there are only small waves, so you should not be totally confident and just surf to exhaustion; if the Leash breaks, you will have to swim to the shore.

If your Invention breaks while surfing, don’t panic, staying calm is important so that you can swim to shore properly.

It may happen that the Leash gets caught on the bottom of the water between rocks or reefs; in this situation, you must remove the Leash from your ankle, so it is important that this process can be done easily.

When you buy a leash, check that it can be easily removed in an emergency; with just one hand and in a single movement, you should be able to detach the leash from your ankle.

Which one is right for me?

Image of a surfer with his leash attached to his ankle. | Photo: https://pinterest.com/

Being the Leash, the safety implement that will allow you to enjoy surfing safely, comfortably and without worries, it is important to know how to choose the right Invention for each surfer.

As a general rule, the most suitable leash should be the same height or length as the surfboard; this will prevent it from falling off the board and hitting the surfer.

If you are surfing small waves, it will not be a problem if the Leash is slightly smaller than the board; it can be an advantage if the Leash is smaller than the board in small waves, because the attachment will cause little discomfort.

If the waves where you are going to surf are big, then it is important that the Leash is larger than the surfboard; this choice will prevent the pulls of the board from looking like they are going to take your leg off.

For big waves it is important to have long and thick Inventos; it is good to know that there are Inventos on the market up to 15 feet and 1 centimetre thick.

These Inventions are advisable for boards that measure more than 9 feet, which are suitable for surfing the biggest waves.

It is important that before buying a Leash or Invention, you make sure of the finish and the quality of the equipment offered; some dealers of this equipment offer certificates of guarantee for the quality of the product.

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