Surfing in San Borondon (Tenerife)


Two big waves in the Canary Islands : San Borondon in Tenerife, and the Misteriosa, in Lanzarote.

san borondon tenerifeChasing San Borondon

When we talk about big waves, the first names that come into our mind are Nazaré, Pipeline and Maverick. From now on, we will add San Borondon to the list. San Borondon is not an island that appears and disappears as the Canarian legend says ; it is a real wave that had been nominated for the 2017 WSL Big Wave Awards in the Billabong Ride of the Year category, thanks to Alex Zirke’s achievement.

Somewhere in the north of Tenerife, it is possible to chase San Borondon, as Gerard Butler did with Mavericks in Curtis Hanson’s movie. The spot has become famous beyond the Canarian borders. By the way, it has not got famous after Zirke’s exploit, as we could think, but after the publication of Rayco Cano and his Canarian friends’ video, which has made a buzz! By the way, who’s not seen it yet?

For the moment, San Borondon is not part of the Big Wave Tour, but with the images we’ve seen, it may become a challenge of the WSL, such as Nazaré, which gathered the elite of the category on December, the 20th. For those who haven’t followed the contest, Jamie Mitchell won against Carlos Burlé.

Actually, even if it looks simple when you see Zirke or other specialists’ dexterity, it is not recommended to take this type of waves except if you have a very good level. Even Maya Gabiera, a professional surfer, fell unconscious and almost lost her life as she tried to ride and very big wave… The sort of wave that hardly ever appears and that the participants ache to ride though.

We know that the next event of the WSL schedule will be the Todos los Santos Challenge (Mexico), but the date is still to decide. It will take place when the tides conditions are opportune. At the national scale, the next Canarian surf meeting will be El Quemao (Lanzarote).

Here is the teaser of the contest to come.

So, do you need more reasons to make Canary Islands your next surfcamp destination ?

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