Surf camp for adults is booming


Surf camps are increasingly an option for the more seasoned. Age has long since ceased to be an excuse, with adult camps experiencing a boom in recent years, which is why Calima Surf has expanded its offerings by offering two courses, one for initiated and another for intermediate level students, between July, August and September.

There is no age limit. You only need to be an adult and be willing to enjoy a new experience to sign up for any of the packs available. These are intensive courses of up to 25 hours, one week long, in which you can obtain the level 1 or 2 surfing diploma, depending on the notions with which you land in Lanzarote beforehand. Those who try a surf camp for adults will repeat for various reasons which are detailed below:


The release of endorphins in full contact with the sea, the waves and the sun is very great and these hormones are known as ‘happiness’ hormones. In fact, surfing is increasingly used to help combat psychic problems. Surfing also releases beta-endorphins, which provide automatic muscle relief, and is considered a very effective remedy for anxiety and stress.

Physical improvement

Surfing is a very complete sport, in which a lot of energy is spent and physical changes are more than evident after a week of surfing camp, losing in a short time quite a lot of body fat. By having to move our bodies in such different positions we will also gain in flexibility and lung capacity.

Socialising agent
Despite being an individual sport, surfing is a socializing agent. It has been proven that the effort required to stand up on the board for the first time is great, but it is worth it. For a week, you will share 24 hours a day with people from all corners of Europe and you will manage to open your mind to meet and discover new cultures.
Increase your self-esteem
As we were saying, the change of image is a fact after seven days and seeing our most shaped figure in front of the mirror, will increase our self-esteem. We will feel more comfortable wearing clothes that we were unable to wear before and it will probably help us to set ourselves new sporting challenges.
You want balance and coordination
With so many movements and postures we will wake up our brain and repeatedly send it many new signals to gain in balance and coordination.

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