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What does a surfcamp include?

A surfcamp includes a minimum of accommodation in the surfhouse and surf lessons during our stay in the camp. It can also include other activities or extra complements such as lunch on the beach, sightseeing tours, night outings, barbecues…

What should I bring to a surf camp?

The essential thing is to take a lot of desire to learn how to surf and good vibes, little else is necessary when you decide to buy your surfing package and attend a surfing camp. Usually you should include in your surf pack everything you need both to stay and to learn how to surf;

  • Surfing material, boards adapted to your level, wetsuit and rash guard to keep you located in the water and learn in a safe way.
  • Your bed
  • Accident insurance during your classes and liability insurance in case you do something to someone. This is compulsory for all schools.

As you can see, it doesn’t take much to learn to surf in a school.

When should I book a surf camp?

We recommend that you book your surf camp as soon as you decide to embark on the adventure, especially if your idea is to come to our camp in Lanzarote in high season; July, August, September and October, for the rest of Spain it is July, August and September, the hot season and holidays. A time when everyone is thinking about what to do during their summer days off.

If you want to book a surfcamp with us contact us

When is the best time to go surfing?

This will depend on the area you want to go to, the best thing to do is to find out what is the best time of the year for waves as well as the climate of the area we are going to. Finding good waves and good weather is essential to be able to enjoy the surfing experience to the full.

A question most surfers ask us is whether there will be “good” waves during the week they have chosen. This is impossible, predicting the sea is not possible until a week before, it is the good thing about surfing, the uncertainty that is created until the last moment.

If you are going to travel and you see that the wave part is not good… don’t give up on the idea, there are always, always interesting things to do in a new destination and you can always learn to surf even if the sea is not with you.

The best surfers surf every day, no matter what the conditions.

If you are able to surf when the conditions are not right, you will do it when they are perfect

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Calima Surf

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