2024 Summer Camping


Summer camps 2024 for children from 10 to 16 years old in July in the Canary Islands.


From Calima Surf we firmly believe that living together is a value and a fundamental part for the social and psychomotor development of children and young people and in the process of integration into social life.

Every summer a high percentage of boys and girls repeat the experience in our camps. Organised by and for children aged between 10 and 16 who want to spend an incredible summer in a camp that combines fun with outdoor physical activities.

Performing group activities such as those carried out in our summer camp, encourages their development of social skills and improves interpersonal relationships. Taking them out of their comfort zone during the summer months – in this case – helps them to become more independent and self-sufficient every day.


It is vitally important that we introduce our children to sport from an early age so that they acquire fundamental values and encourage the growth of their bones and muscles.

Therefore, we encourage variety in our services, organizing multi-adventure summer camps, where you can enjoy different sports such as; surfing, kitesurfing, windsurfing, scuba diving, mountain biking excursions, Stand Up Paddle (SUP), hiking tours, Yoga, snorkeling, group workshops and many more activities together with other young people from all over Europe, mainly English, German and Italian, many of them repeaters.

As every year, our English summer camps for children have bilingual instructors with qualifications in several languages. Designed for your children to practice English during their end of year holidays, talking to their classmates in other languages while enjoying their favourite sport in our 2021 summer camp.

This not only improves and consolidates their level of English but also increases their self-confidence, self-esteem and loss of shyness.


You will have the opportunity to get started in different sports in complete safety. Our surfing instructors are certified by the BSA (British Surfing Association) and by the Spanish Surfing Federation, the kitesurfing instructors are certified by the FKI (Italian Federation) and the diving instructors by the BSAC, all the instructors are certified in lifeguarding. Bilingual instructors, this way we give the children the opportunity to review during the summer.

Here you can see all of the 2024 junior surf camps that we offer

They will have all the comforts to make them feel at home.

Besides, the weather and good time are always with us, possessing very favorable conditions for the practice of all kinds of outdoor sports. Surrounded by nature, where you can carry out an infinite number of activities in a safe place, always supervised by our instructors and monitors.

You will enjoy a summer with more autonomy and independence, making new friends and learning new things. A whole adventure to discover, here is a little preview of what awaits you!



Living the best summer of your life with the best instructors specialized in camps and outdoor activities is easier than you think!


Limited places for 2021! Don’t run out of places and book now!

Email: info@calimasurf.com

Reservation phones: 928 528 847 / 626 913 369


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