Enjoy a special surf camp pack for couples on New Year's Eve


Tired of ending the year well dressed? Do not hesitate to change your habits this year. Come to Famara (Lanzarote) and enjoy the company of Calima Surf, a pioneering surf school in the Canary Islands for a special and different New Year's Eve. Help the flame of love keep burning and surprise your partner with a surf camp pack for couples from December 29 to January 2 in Lanzarote. The tuxedo, suit, tie or dress are not necessary. Just bring your swimsuit and everyday clothes and enjoy a New Year´s eve basking in 20 degrees Celsius in the paradise we call Lanzarote. Here we have no snow, but the grapes can be savoured at 23:59 in the company of other surfers from all around the world, dressed in shorts and flip flops. This comes after the special dinner included in the pack. Surfing is still a perfect excuse to spend a couple of days away from the stress and routine of the city and to discover that the landscapes of Mars are less than three hours away from the Spain and less than four hours away from the rest of Europe by plane.


What does New Year's Eve surf camp include?


  • Five hours of surfing every day. The classes consist of daily theoretical and practical lessons. It's not just about executing the 'take-off' until you manage to do it, but also learning the technique and most importantly: recognizing the characteristics of what will be your spot this New Year's Eve.
  • Free surfing. For two hours a day you can perfect all that you have learned during the surf lessons without having to rent equipment.
  • Accommodation included. Calima Surf has its own surf house just 100 meters from the beach and consists of shared rooms for couples. There is also the possibility of staying outside the surf camp in holiday apartments.
  • A unique teaching method in Lanzarote out of the water. Although it sounds contradictory, learning the basic positions of surfing is more effective away from the waves thanks to the new Dry Surf Training that only Calima Surf has.
  • Video correction and analysis. On the beach there will be a member of our team recording all your movements on the board as well as those of the rest of the group. Errors and successes will be analysed and corrected from a projector in order to avoid repeating them in the following days.
  • Special dinner. The surf house has a terrace with spectacular views of Famara´s natural reserve. There we will have dinner and say goodbye to the year all together.
  • Transfer to the beach every day to and from the school. We will not make you carry the board up to the sand even though you will be staying so close to the sea.
  • Picnic on the beach. Surfing is a very demanding sport, so we will recharge our energy with water, juices and the best warm sandwiches on the island.
  • Material of the best brands. The school provides all its students with boards, lycra, booties and wetsuits of the best brands, which are changed twice a year.
  • Qualified monitors outside and inside the water. Safety is paramount.  You will be in the company of a qualified monitor per group in the water and several others for support on the sand.

Parallel activities:

Calima Surf is more than just a surf school. With us it is possible to complement our most well-known activity with others during any surf camp. By others we mean kitesurf, windsurf, diving, fitness course, yoga, hiking, mountain bike routes and long skate or Carver to practice in the skatepark. The couples' surf camp for the New Year is not an exception, so surfing can be combined with any other sport that arouses your interest and curiosity. Each parallel activity has a different additional price, so ask for information about the one that interests you the most.

Interesting facts about the end of the year surf camp:

  • Place: Famara (Lanzarote). Famara beach, which is part of the Famara natural reserve,  is an idyllic place to learn to surf and to transition from beginner to intermediate level due to the special conditions of the sea and seabed.
  • Accommodation: Famara (Lanzarote).
  • Small groups: each monitor will have under his care a group of up to eight people in order to provide each student with the most personalized treatment possible.
  • Reservations: to make a reservation contact us via email (info@calimasurf.com) or on the following numbers: (34) 928528528 / (34) 626913369.
  • Person in charge of the course: Angel. He is one of our most experienced instructors with years of education and experience in the Canary Islands and elsewhere.
  • Price: ask us.


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