How to recover after a hard surf session.


There are very few more physically demanding sports than surfing. A week of championships will deplete your energy in a few days and you will discover discomfort in muscles that you didn’t even know existed. Areas like the arms and the back end up very punished, so it is advisable to follow a routine to avoid injuries and recover after a surf session.

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Even though it may sound contradictory, a successful recovery starts with a good warmup and stretching before getting into the water. It is very important to slowly warm up and get your body functioning as the change of medium and temperature can have repercussions and make your holiday torture, and let's not talk about Shakira’s song. Few are the ones who enjoy racing on the sand first thing in the morning in Famara, but it is more important than it seems.

The same thing happens once we end the surf lesson. Before we remove the wetsuit and think about laying on a sunbed we have to perform some exercises. These we will learn throughout the week in the warm up so that the body relaxes properly. Speaking of relaxation, a discipline called yoga perfectly complements surfing and can help us find that muscular nirvana and understand what our body needs. Calima Surf offers 3 types of yoga classes. Your shoulders, back and legs will be better prepared to surf if you combine a week of surfing with Bio Yoga, Hatha Vital Yoga or Kundalini Yoga. Here you could find all the details about our yoga classes in Lanzarote held by Itziar Garcia.

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Yoga helps you control respiration in each position and with the correct inhalation and exhalation, avoid the body cramping up. By applying this technique to surfing such exercises will help you feel less tense, more agile, flexible and more balanced when standing up on your board.  

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