Prepare yourself to surf thanks to crossfit and functional trainings


Of course, we know that professional surfing requires excellent physical fitness. But being in a good physical condition does not only apply to top-level surfers! Beginners also tend to be much more comfortable on the board if they are in good shape. Riding waves with the same ease as Kelly Slater requires, apart from talent, hours and hours of work inside and outside the water. You may wonder right now: how can we prepare ourselves to the dream wave without a board and a wetsuit?

The answer is simple: thanks to crossfit. Even if it is not a surf lesson strictly speaking, neither a discipline whose goal is to help catch waves, it is certain that with all the exercises that you do, you’ll get your balance and strength better. Indeed, the workouts are really intense, and you make all your muscles work thanks to functional moves (that’s to say natural moves that you find in daily life: sit down and get up, run, jump, etc.). After a few sessions only, you’ll already be feeling fit: reduction of fat mass, increase in muscle mass, more endurance and more flexibility. Paddle is going to be easier and less tiring, and your body agiler on the board.
Over time, crossfit has evolved. Today, specialized trainings for runners, known as Endurance, exist. From this work method, centres of sports entirely dedicated to surfers in the United States opened, like the worldwide known Extreme Athletics. Moreover, some surf camps already offer this type of training!
You must know that professionals have included these exercises in their daily training many years ago, and the results are blatant. So don’t hesitate and follow the example of Shane Dorian! After 11 years touring on the World Championship Tour, he left the competition in 2003 to focus on big waves, and found in crossfit the perfect ally to keep control in difficult situations. Do you want to see how Dorian trains?


The Calima Surf team is actually investing to offer its students crossfit lessons. For Easter, the school plans to open a high-performance center with specific functional training to progress in surfing, thanks to the new “dry surf training” tool ... Don’t miss this!

If you want to see of what the school is setting up, take a look at this video.

Of course, there are other alternatives to crossfit and even more methods to improve one's physical condition. In Surf Training Madrid, a Spanish company that follows the example of Extreme Athletics and opened a new market in the capital, you can train with different tools: swimming pool, surfskate, yoga, etc. Basically, you don’t need to live in Bali to be the best trained to surf.

Take a look at the promotional video of Surf Training Madrid:


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