Get your surf in shape



Get your surf in shape


You've been watching videos on social networks all winter, tagging your buddy at the hottest spots, eager for holidays and waves, looking for surfing destinations.

We close our eyes and project ourselves in a long and juicy wave of infinite turns, we drool remembering the best wave of last season, with a bit of luck it is recorded with one of these modern handheld cameras (Gopro).

It's not long now until your longed-for holiday and that distant fantasy is brewing like a near reality. You've looked at surf camps, remote countries, but are you really fit?

Surfing is a sport that demands a good physical shape, especially if we have a high level and we like to get into big bathrooms. Without a good physical shape a dream bath can become a nightmare.


Exercises that will help you get back on your feet quickly:


Balance sheet:

Indoor boards and slack-line boards are an excellent option as they work on body balance and exercise the muscles while having a great time, helping us to maintain our balance on the surfboard.

Yoga will also help you to optimise your balance, among many other benefits it improves the elasticity and flexibility of the muscles, decreases the risk of injury and considerably increases our ability to concentrate, and almost most importantly, helps you to be happy and positive. Many surf camps have incorporated yoga as a complementary activity to surfing sessions, but you can practice yoga all year round, even in your living room.

Practice "stand-up" (grab your board or a mat) infinitely until it becomes a natural gesture. The living room of your house, a terrace, any small space is valid.



By swimming we work all our muscles. Feeling like a fish in water will help you swim faster and feel more confident. Keep in mind that fresh and salt water are not the same. Get a combination of training boards for the pool, 40 pools of 25 meters are 1km, swim 3-5 km to perform high this summer.

If you have a pool available, you can tie the invention of the board to the stairs and start rowing without moving from the spot, when we are rowing in the sea we will hold on longer and do it faster, we have advanced work by putting the muscle in shape. It is a very practical and functional home trick.

The sea without waves is also a good training ground, whether it's for being at full throttle at the start of the season.


Skate o snowboard:

These two sports are directly related to surfing. Let's say that they are complementary, there are few pleasures in the world like knowing how to surf a wave, go down a virgin mountain and skate a skatepark. The winter is ideal for snowboarding and skateboarding can be used all year round. Longboards and other types of state are valid.

Running, crossfiting, cycling, climbing, are all beneficial sports for being in good condition when it comes to paddling, all help is welcome, and all to improve our surfing.

Combine these activities and this summer you will notice more ease and comfort in your surfing.

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