Spend your Christmas holidays practicing a different sport: Surfing in The Canary Islands!


Are you looking to enjoy your Christmas holidays differently? We have an idea you can´t resist for the most important dates of the year. Come join us in Famara, in Lanzarote and enjoy our special adult camp for Christmas. This year the Christmas holidays fall partially on the weekend, so come and travel to paradise to make this Christmas an unforgettable one. Forget the cold, put away your jacket and scarf, fetch your swim suit from the bottom of your closet and prepare to enjoy first-hand the Canary Islands´ eternal spring which is so widely sought after. With water temperatures of above 20 degrees Celsius, share waves of all sizes with surfers from around the world who are looking to enjoy a different experience, just like you. There are no better conditions for surfing. It is time for a change. Take advantage of this offer from Calima Surf!

What does the adult camp pack include this Christmas?

  • Five hours of surf lessons every day. The lessons are both theoretical and practical.
  •  Two hours of free surfing every day of the course, during which the material of the school can be used completely free of charge.
  •  Accommodation in the surf house, located within the Famara nature reserve just 100 meters from the beach with unparalleled views.
  • Free material from the best brands such as wet suits, lycra, leash and boards. Calima Surf is one of the few surf schools with sponsors in Spain. Every year they offer their students the newest wet suit models from O'Neill. As for the boards, we have soft boards, epoxy and fibre boards. Your level will determine which one will be assigned to you.
  • Packed lunch on the beach. Food is basic to enable better performance in the water.
  • Calima Surf provides its students with warm sandwiches on the beach as well as water and juices.
  • Transport to and from the beach. Although the surf house is very close to the beach, we provide transport directly to the sand. See you in front of the school!

  • On arrival you will receive a complete dossier about the island of Lanzarote and the main points of interest. This will enable you to do some sightseeing during your stay, if you wish. Ask us for more information and we will help you prepare your trip around the island.
  • Your safety is of utmost importance to us. For this reason the surf camp for adults, as do all of our camps, a civil liability insurance.
  • You will never be alone in the water. You will make part of a group of beginners as well as one of advanced level and  there will always be a monitor to guide you at all times.
  • Learn to surf with qualified monitors. All our team has the title of FCS and B.S.A, as well as the title of aquatic lifeguards.
  • Surf in small groups. Each monitor is responsible for a maximum of eight students to correct and help you progress in record time.
  • One morning you will enjoy a Drysurf class (the new technique for teaching students how to surf) We will also do a two hour photo session while the group is practicing. Afterwards a photo analysis will take place to assess any mistakes and advise on correction. At the end of the course each student will be given these pictures.

Other Options:

  • It is possible to combine collective surf lessons with individual classes during these dates. In this way, your surf will improve much faster. Depending on the level, it is possible to change beach and surf spot during the days of your stay.
  • If you do not want to get lost on the island, hire a shuttle service to and from Lanzarote airport with us.
  • Individual accommodation. If you are looking for privacy we can offer you a private room or to share as a couple for a small supplement. There is also the option of staying outside of the surf house.
  • In Calima Surf you can rent surf equipment to surf on your own, as well as mountain bikes, caravans and cars at very reasonable prices. The island of volcanoes has many charms, so do not hesitate to explore it on your own. 

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