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The Best Surfing Videos – Incredible!

Surf is a sport that involves a whole way of life; there is a whole culture related to this sport.

Searching for places with the best waves in the world to conquer them has become the motivation for many fans and athletes, who have made surfing their best motivation for life; there are many who testify to the positive change that surfing has meant for their lifestyle.

With specific customs, the creation of words to express themselves in “surfing” terms, fashions in clothing and even the way of wearing hair, this practice born long ago on the Hawaiian coast has come to the present times to stay.

One way to perpetuate the best moments of riding the waves is through a recording; the first recordings offered what the equipment of the time could capture; however, today, thanks to technology, recordings and films record everything that we could witness if we were present at the scene of the events.

Picture of a surfer catching a wave in Lacanau, France. | Photo by Mathieu CHIRICO on Unsplash

Surf waves compilation

For all surf fans and surf lovers, we invite you to enjoy this video where there is a summary of 10 places in the world, where the biggest waves are formed, ever seen.

It is wonderfully impressive to be able to visit by means of a video, immense waves like those of Nazaré, in Portugal, Mavericks, in California or Teahupoo, in French Polynesia.

Around the world, we can find unique locations and places to surf; good beaches and extraordinary waves that attract the world’s best surfers, who travel, looking for these places to demonstrate their wave conquering abilities, while enjoying the thrill of riding a wave.


Surf competition

In surf competitions, surfers must achieve the highest score by adding up their best wave scores.

In this video, we can see two of the world’s best surfers, Kelly Slater and John John Florence, during the competition that represented the Final of the Billabong Pro Tahiti 2016.

Don’t neglect the manoeuvre performed by the magnificent Kelly Slater at minute 03:13 of the video; without a doubt, you will be pleasantly surprised to see this surfer recognised as one of the best in the world, executing unique and exciting manoeuvres.

This video is one of the best memories of a magnificent world surfing competition.


Surf manoeuvres video

This video is undoubtedly an incentive for those who are starting out in surfing, as it shows what can be achieved with constant practice of the speciality.

When you start surfing, getting on the board and not falling is a triumph, as well as being able to stay on it for as long as possible.

As you progress and learn, you are able to identify and select waves, turn and perform small manoeuvres.

When you are an expert, you execute various board manoeuvres and tricks.

This video is a sample of what you can do when you become an expert surfer.


Documentary: Paradigm Lost

A documentary of great renown, produced and produced by the Red Bull brand; it was filmed over a little more than three years with the participation of some of the best surfers in the world, who travelled through six countries.

The documentary-film offers extraordinary and unforgettable images, like all those made by this brand, always betting on extreme outdoor sports, for some time.


A compilation of the biggest waves ever ridden

In this video we have recorded the biggest waves in the world ever ridden, with a record of places and dates, to have a real album of memories of these wonders of nature.

These waves are especially for the most veteran and daring surfers; they are natural phenomena of difficult access and if the surfer were to fall, it could be a great danger, even life-threatening.

For those who like to enjoy the adrenaline rush from the comfort of their couch, with popcorn and a soft drink, this documentary is perfect.


GoPro Surf Videos

The videos made using underwater still cameras are truly masterful; spectacular and unique shots are achieved with this type of camera.

Shots of the unique and amazing Hawaiian tubes taken with GoPro are incredible.

Because of the closeness and quality of the images achieved, videos of this type have become very popular and preferred by surfing fans, who can feel like they are riding the wave shown in the video.


Both beginners and advanced surfers will be pleased to know that the best waves in Lanzarote are found during the months of September until the end of April, as the best conditions in Lanzarote, and in the Canary Islands, can be found during the Autumn and Winter seasons.

Given these weather conditions, in Calima Surf we are open all year round, so in our surf school we offer you three different winter surfcamps (beginners, progression and improvement) in the Canary Islands, Lanzarote, the northernmost island of the Canary archipelago so you can have fun taking the best waves of the whole Spanish territory.

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