Activities in Lanzarote; “Caldera Blanca”


There are different activities you can do on the island. Hiking in Lanzarote is one of those activities that will not leave you indifferent. Walking among kilometers of lava, volcanic tubes or craters are activities that you can only find in the Canary Islands and especially in Lanzarote with more than 100 volcanoes in only 846 km2 that make up the island. We can say that the spectacular landscapes of Malpaís are nowadays one of the main attractions of the island.

Trekking Lanzarote - Actividades

Another activity we recommend is to do the  Tremesana guided route accompanied by an official guide from Lanzarote (Free).

“La Caldera Blanca” on Lanzarote

The Caldera Blanca volcano is located in the municipality of Tinajo, in the town of Mancha Blanca. This town in Lanzarote has a Visitor’s Centre and interpretation; a place where you can learn more about the world of volcanoes and the Timanfaya National Park (free entrance). When you leave Mancha Blanca less than 200 m away and take the LZ-67 road, you will find a dirt road on the right hand side that goes west. This is our path. There is a small car park at the entrance of the path where we can leave the car. The path is well signposted so getting lost will be difficult.

Senderismo lanzarote

This volcano is one of the most visited on Lanzarote because it has the largest crater, almost 1200 meters in circumference. It is also worth mentioning the magnificent views that the highest point of the crater offers to the Timanfaya National Park, to the islet of Kipuka or to the Natural Reserve of La Geria. This route is approximately 9.6 km long and will take us about 3 or 4 hours to complete. We recommend that you do not leave the path during this walk, as walking over the lava is not easy and any fall into this “living lava” can ruin your day. So be careful if you are going to do these activities. Before reaching Caldera Blanca on the right hand side you will find a volcano called La Caldereta, time to drink water before starting the 458m drop that will take us to the highest point of the volcano.

La Caldereta - Lanzarote

The ascent is made on the east side of the caldera and descends on the west side without completing the whole circumference as going around the whole volcano can be difficult. The north face of the crater has no path and you have to walk between stones and loose sand. The day of our visit we meet a shepherd with the typical Palo Canario on the north face of the crater.

Palo Canario - Actividades

After descending the west side of the crater and skirting the volcano you will find the path we came from. The summer months are very hot so it is recommended to go early to avoid the hottest hours of the day, also be careful with the strong winds of Lanzarote as walking through the crater can destabilize us and make us fall. We recommend that you wear good shoes, sun cream, a cap and enough water for the whole route.

Senderismo en Lanzarote

Other activities to do on Lanzarote;

  • Split Peak
  • The Cuervo Volcano
  • The Crown Volcano

We hope you enjoy the island and its landscapes!

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