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Lanzarote has many buildings of interest, such as the castles that were used to defend its inhabitants against pirate attacks and other invaders. Lovely churches adorn its every town, as well as the houses and palaces built by noblemen from the island. Here are some trips out in Lanzarote that we recommend:


  • Guanapay Fortress: named Santa Barbara Castle.
  • Santa Maria church: a beautifully designed structure, gothic in style and with an image of the Virgin of Guadalupe to see inside.
  • Los Spinolas Palace: This incredible building was built in the 16th century.
  • San Francisco Convent: known as Miraflores Convent, this building currently serves as a venue for the Sacred Art Museum.


  • Our Lady of Candlemas Church: the coffered ceiling here is worth seeing.
  • Masdache: this town features “La Geria”, known for its traditional process of growing grapes and producing one of the Canary Islands’ most well-known wines, Malvasia.


  • The monuments you can find in Yaiza have formed naturally.
  • The Gulf: this is an emerald green lagoon, separated from the sea by a vast beach in an ancient crater.
  • Los Hervideros: This is a great place to visit with strong waves.
  • The salt marsh of Janubio: this is an impressive salt marsh left by the effects of the sea over time.
  • Timanfaya National Park: Stretching across the North of Yaiza, this is the largest and most breathtaking volcanic land of the entire Canary archipelago.
  • Mountains of Fire: inside the National Park, Hilario Islote is one of the most interesting feature.
  • La casa del visitante: Open to all to visit for free, it is based very close to Timanfaya.

Arrecife capital

  • San Gabriel Castle: situated on an island by Arrecife, constructed in 1574 and renovated in 1590. It is joined to the city by a drawbridge called “Las Bolas” or “Muelle de los Puentes”.
  • San Jose Castle: this currently serves as the headquarters for the International Museum of Contemporary Art and is a unique building in the Canary Islands. Built in 1779, today, as well as a museum, it is also a restaurant.
  • San Gines Pool: a large lagoon which opens out to the sea and the city of Arrecife.
  • San Gines Church: a temple dedicated to the patron of the city, dating back to the 18th century, was fully restored in 1989.


  • Los Jameos del Agua: This gem is a result of natural processes and the beautiful architecture of Cesar Manrique. It features a lagoon inside a cave of lava, the home to a species of blind, white crab, unique to this spot. It is the volcanic process that has created this underground cave, an extension of the Verdes cave, where man and nature have combined to produce a landmark of extraordinary beauty.
  • Los Verdes Cave: Situated at the base of Corona volcano. This cave is 6 kilometres in length and features various passages and paths. The visitors route is lit up, magnificently illuminating this underground world with colours and ghostly images. One of the most spacious galleries has been used to create a splendid auditorium, which music lovers say is an extraordinary sound space.

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