Surfing Waves in LanzaroteSurfing Waves in Lanzarote

Like San Juan, La Santa or el Quemao, the waves that crash onto the beaches of Lanzarote are known all over the world.

  • El Perejil: A great leftwards bowling wave for advanced surfers, only with large swells, a full moon and lots of water. Local bodyboarders also love it!
  • El Cagao: A short tubey wave, adored by local body boarders, very close to El Muelle.

Lanzarote is by far the northernmost island of the Canaries. This means it is the most exposed to north, north-east, and north-west swells, which are the most common swells in the Canary Islands. So this island gets the best and most frequent waves!

There are more than 30 high quality surfing spots on Lanzarote. Even when south swells, not as common as the others, hit, you can still catch some decent waves in Famara!

  • San Juan: A tubey leftwards bowling wave with the a south-facing wind, at high tide the right can also be ridden, the leftwards wave has two peaks that in good conditions is just one wave, when there is west swell, only the second peak can be ridden, if the swell is north with a little bit of breeze from the south, you’re guaranteed an incredible surfing experience.
  • El muelle: Incredible left-facing wave with 2 barreling sections, watch your head on the second section, more than a few have taken the risk at the end and messed it up. The right can also be ridden, it’s great for maneuvers as it’s much less barreling than the left.
  • El codito: Found on the west end of the beach, often breaks well leftwards and at 50 metres, you can have a good time riding it rightwards.
  • Famara beach: You will see dozens of different types of waves here, it very much depends on the state of the sandbanks on the seabed and with every strong swell the low points tend to change, as well as El Codito, you can find el Molino, los Bungalos, el Bunquer, el Palo, the kiters zone and el Papelillo.
  • What’s more, you have La Graciosa Island, with so much more to explore, just a 30 minute boat ride away!


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