Common Mistakes when Beginning to Surf

Main Image Common Mistakes when Beginning to Surf

Snaps, floaters, tubes… everything looks so easy when you look at surfing videos of a pro plowing through a wave. Reality is quite different for the vast majority of mortals, learning this booming sport is very much a challenge. Despite this fact, the benefits that surfing provides are...

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Surf Culture and Slang

Main Image Surf Culture and Slang

Like in all cultures, there are some customs, rules, lifestyles, styles of music, and some slang. Regardless of where a surfer is from, they all have something in common: they all want to feel that sensation again (stoke) of gliding on a wave that connects them with nature as few sports can. That...

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Surfing as Therapy

Main Image Surfing as Therapy

Surfing has become an alternative to alleviate several afflictions and ailments.   Surfing is a “treatment” that is increasingly being used by experts all over the world, who see it as a great alternative to other types of therapies for people with different types of disorders. Today,...

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6 Recommendations when Buying Your Surfboard

Main Image 6 Recommendations when Buying Your Surfboard

It’s true that for those of us who love to surf, our mouths start to water when we enter a store filled with new boards, in different shapes, styles and colors. And we would certainly love to take them all, but the truth is that, when you need to buy a surfboard, there are certain aspects that...

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