Yoga in Lanzarote, Famara.


Come to Caleta de Famara and fill your body with oxygen, providing wellness to it. Usually everyone who tries yoga ends up introducing it into their lives, you can quickly see how in just a few weeks of practice your body will gain flexibility, strength and balance.  

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¿Does yoga improve your surfing?

Indivisible entity or undivorceable marriage people call it. Since surfing and yoga met, they maintain a close, stable and lasting relationship due to the many benefits that they provide each other, which is why in many surf schools it is included in their surf program yoga lessons in a natural environment, such as Famara in Lanzarote. Yoga, more than a discipline, is a lifestyle that fits any kind of people, all ages, regardless of their age and physical condition, and which complements the sport and the athlete. Yoga helps improve your surfing in the following way:

Flexibility and strength 

Yoga helps regenerate all muscle groups, helping especially  the spine , key to a correct position on the surfboard. This is achieved through different positions  and that will force us to flex and extend our body, as well as to perform torsions and lateral movements. The first lessons sometimes can look like  a "torture"  for someone not very flexible, but with perseverance  everyone is able to  reach that point of body balance that brings an inner well-being and only those who have practiced yoga with some regularity will be able to reach it to that point.

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Balance and body alignment

Yoga unites  body balance with our mental and emotional side, three fundamental elements in surfing and life itself. The more balance the greater the chances are of standing up as we move towards a less unstable surfboard that will not do all the work for us.


Surfing requires a certain agility to manage the board over the waves, a quality that is lost among the more sedentary life´s people carry. This is possible to recover in a short time thanks to yoga. Yoga will help your body return to that point of mobility like if you where a teenager.

Mental calmness

 In a world ruled by smartphones, it becomes increasingly hard to spend a moment relaxing our minds. Not dedicating enough time leads in many cases to the emotional stress that can be fought with yoga. It has nothing to do with the energy with which you enter a yoga lesson it is about with energy you come out with.


Yoga will reactivate your two brain hemispheres by making our body work postures that are not natural. Better coordination will make it easier for us to learn faster the different surfing maneuvers and tricks. Remember: standing up is only the first step. With the right advice, like the one Calima Surf can provide you, it will be always easier to go from level 1 to level 3.

Aprende yoga con Sandra

Sandra will be your yoga teacher during your holidays in Lanzarote island, she has practiced this discipline for more than 10 years, having taught several courses in India and decided to go for this lifestyle and devote herself to align body and soul to all the surfers that come to Calimasurf, many of them with elasticity problems.

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