Skimboard Types and Features


Skimboard Types and Features

Skimboarding is a water sport where a small board, quite thin and light, is used to perform maneuvers and movements on the shore.

It consists of taking the board to throw it on the edge of the sea, taking impulse to proceed to jump on it and slide; in small waves some maneuvers and surfing tricks can be performed.

It is a sport to be practiced in the edge of the sea or a little more inside, but it is never possible to be executed in the zones and with the suitable waves for the surf.

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Types of Skimboard

The boards for Skimboarding or Skimboard, are made of different materials as we will see below:

Fiberglass and foam boards

A board made from this combination of materials, makes it a lightweight, lightweight, endowed with great strength, essential characteristics that must have a board to practice Skimboard.

Skimboarding boards made of fiberglass and foam are much more manageable and comfortable to practice the sport, however, its cost is usually a little high.

Wooden boards

These instruments for the practice of the Skimboard are elaborated in wood, always looking for that the selected one for the manufacture of the board, is something light but resistant.

Wooden boards are recommended for athletes who are beginning to practice skimboarding; they are also used a lot when the waves that reach the shore are not as good as they should be, so the wooden board works better than a fiber and foam board.

Although wooden boards are ideal for beginners, there are experienced sportsmen who prefer to use wooden boards all the time.

Skimboard Size

Now we will see the size of the 5 best Skimboarding Boards, according to the trends of the year 2020.

1.Skim One Sports and Outdoor’s Slicer Original


The best board in the market this year, is made of fiberglass, Epoxy resin, bamboo construction, with an EPS core.

Its size is 124 centimeters long; indicated for sportsmen or advanced skimmers.

2.Circle One 54” Skimboard de EPS Epoxy for Waves and Beach


Highly positioned among the best skimboards for this 2020. It is an equipment made with Epoxy, making it a lightweight board, lightweight, with great resistance.

It has more volume than wooden boards, which favors the performance of tricks and maneuvers with the waves.

Its measures are 137 centimeters long and 54 centimeters wide; it offers great buoyancy capacity. Ideal for intermediate or advanced sportsmen.

3.Osprey Skimboard


This nice board is made with plywood; ideal for beginners or medium level sportsmen.

It is 104 centimeters long and has a Pintail style tail.

It is the right board to use in the foam that is formed in some beaches.

4.Jucker Hawaii


It is a board made of pressed and waterproofed poplar wood. Its size is 97 centimeters long and 52 centimeters wide.

It is a perfect board to execute maneuvers, turns and tricks that come to mind for the sportsman.

5.Osprey Surf


It is a board made of pressed and waterproofed poplar wood. Its size is 97 centimeters long and 52 centimeters wide.

It is a perfect board to execute maneuvers, turns and tricks that come to mind for the sportsman.

Differences between Skimboard and Surfboard

As sports, Skimboard and Surf, have some similarities and we can say that Skimboard is located in the middle of Surf and Skate, mainly because their maneuvers, movements and tricks have similarities.

Perhaps its most marked difference lies in the fact that Surfing is done with offshore waves, but Skimboarding starts at the edge of the beach.

Because it is a beachside sport, the board used to surf these shore waves is smaller in size, lighter and thinner than the surfboards.

In addition, skimboards lack fins as if they had surfboards.

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