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Surf fashion is currently a trend for both men and women, it is a style that allows us to be comfortable without giving up fashion. Combined with a pair of jeans, which is the garment par excellence of casual style, the surf-inspired t-shirts and sweatshirts allow us to dress well every day and be presentable in many situations, whether it is for shopping, university or a family reunion. The surfwear brands offer a great variety of designs in their garments, most of the times inspired by the sea, the waves and nature. Great artists and surfers have expressed their creativity in the clothing collections of the various surf brands, through the combination of materials and artistic techniques that convey the spirit of surfing in drawings and textile designs. This spirit makes surfing not only a sport but also a philosophy of life for those who practice it. This means that there is a whole culture around surfing, both in travel, music and fashion. The “surfing style” identifies all those people who have a great love for the sea and freedom.

Calima Surf

Calima Surf

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