8 Fundamental Rules for Surfing

Main Image 8 Fundamental Rules for Surfing

Everyone who starts learning how to surf finds himself immersed in a sea of doubts about various things. And the thing is, people who have never had any contact with this sport get a bit frustrated when it comes time to get in the water and let loose. To clarify a few things so that you can really...

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The Future of Surfing: Wave Pools or Eco Surf?

Main Image The Future of Surfing: Wave Pools or Eco Surf?

We all must do our part and live a more sustainable lifestyle. This is even more true for surfers, since we depend on the ocean and its waves and we are closely connected to nature in general. We have a connection that is increasingly threatened by environmental imbalance. The polar icecaps and glaciers...

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Common Mistakes when Beginning to Surf

Main Image Common Mistakes when Beginning to Surf

Snaps, floaters, tubes… everything looks so easy when you look at surfing videos of a pro plowing through a wave. Reality is quite different for the vast majority of mortals, learning this booming sport is very much a challenge. Despite this fact, the benefits that surfing provides are...

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Surf Culture and Slang

Main Image Surf Culture and Slang

Like in all cultures, there are some customs, rules, lifestyles, styles of music, and some slang. Regardless of where a surfer is from, they all have something in common: they all want to feel that sensation again (stoke) of gliding on a wave that connects them with nature as few sports can. That...

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