Surfing in San Borondon (Tenerife)

Main Image Surfing in San Borondon (Tenerife)

Two big waves in the Canary Islands : San Borondon in Tenerife, and the Misteriosa, in Lanzarote. Chasing San Borondon When we talk about big waves, the first names that come into our mind are Nazaré, Pipeline and Maverick. From now on, we will add San Borondon to the list. San Borondon...

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Summer Camps 2016

Main Image Summer Camps 2016

Summer Camp for teens 13 to 17 years in July. Every summer, a large percentage of kids come back for another experience at our camp. Organized for teens, by teens aged 13-17 who want to spend an amazing summer at a camp that combines fun with outdoor physical activities.   A multi-adventure...

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How to choose your first surfboard

Main Image How to choose your first surfboard

This is something that nearly everyone gets stuck on. And it’s probably a good thing you did. Buying a surfboard isn’t cheap. You need to make the right choice. You need a board that will last a long time, that will help you to learn well and fast, and that won’t burn an unnecessarily...

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Parts of a Surfboard

Main Image Parts of a Surfboard

The last week we talked about recommendations when buying your surfboard. Not to sound like a nerd or a technician on the subject, but there are important things that you should know about surfing and its basic tool: The Surfboard. This seems very simply but there are many essential details for good...

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