Guide to choosing a good surf school

Main Image Guide to choosing a good surf school

Would you like to try surfing for the first time but don´t know where is the best place to do it? This is each and every beginners’ dilemma once they decide to dedicate their vacation to practice such a popular sport. The options for surfing have multiplied in recent years and surf schools...

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The surf: Big boss

Main Image The surf: Big boss

Surfing not only helps us disconnect and alleviate stress, but also teaches us a few lessons. We all have that little bit of heaven where we forget everything and disconnect from the world, to be by ourselves and charge our batteries. Surfing provides us with the benefit of isolating ourselves...

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How to recover after a hard surf session.

Main Image How to recover after a hard surf session.

There are very few more physically demanding sports than surfing. A week of championships will deplete your energy in a few days and you will discover discomfort in muscles that you didn’t even know existed. Areas like the arms and the back end up very punished, so it is advisable to follow a routine...

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