Surfing in Tenerife San Borondón


Surfing in Tenerife San Borondón.

En Canarias dos videos de olas grandes XXL, San Borondón en Tenerife y la Misteriosa en Lanzarote.

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Chasing San Borondón

When talking about giant waves, the first names that come to mind are Nazaré, Pipeline and Maverick. San Borondón will be added to the list from now on. It is not an island that appears and disappears, but a wave that has acquired its name from mythology and has been nominated for the Billabong awards in 2017 for its merits on Alex Zirke's board.
In a place in the north of Tenerife it is possible to pursue San Borondón, as Gerard Butler did with the Mavericks in Curtis Hanson's film. The spot has transcended the borders of Tenerife and not because of Zirke's feat, but because of Rayco Cano's video, with other Canarian surfers as protagonists, which went viral.

 At the moment, San Borondón is not part of the Big Wave Tour, but seen the images perhaps at some point Tenerife will have a WSL scoring event like Nazaré, which brought together the elite of the modality last December 20th. For the most clueless: in the final Jamie Mitchell won against Carlos Burlé.
The truth is that trying to ride these waves is not at all advisable, unless you have a certain level no matter how simple it seems to see the skill of Zirke or other experts. Ask Maya Gabiera. A professional surfer, she almost lost her life a few years ago trying to tame a giant wave, which comes up from time to time and keeps the participants of this category waiting for the phone and with the suitcase always ready to go to the call of nature.
It is known that the next stop on the calendar will be the Todos los Santos Challenge (Mexico) on a date yet to be determined. It will take place when the tides are right. On a national level, there will soon be a surfing date in the Canary Islands at Quemao (Lanzarote). Here we leave you the teaser of the 2017 championship.

Do you need more reasons to make the Canary Islands your next surfcamp destination?

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