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Would you like to try surfing for the first time but don´t know where is the best place to do it? This is each and every beginners’ dilemma once they decide to dedicate their vacation to practice such a popular sport. The options for surfing have multiplied in recent years and surf schools have flooded the Spanish coast. With so many spots spread between the Peninsula and the Canary Islands, there are countless places that enjoy the conditions of perfect waves for a surf initiation course. Before launching onto the adventure of a lifetime you must make sure to choose a school you can trust. There are many characteristics that define a good surf school, here we define some of them:

Accommodation: absorb the philosophy of surfing both inside and out of the water. Schools with a surf house let you absorb the full experience because all 24 hours are devoted entirely to you understanding the basic concepts that are needed to surf a wave. Having a place to sleep will be cheaper and will give you the opportunity to meet people from all corners of the world, to practice English and to socialize, amongst many other things. Normally, students who go to surf camp opt for a pack witch has accommodation included.

Rating on TripAdvisor: do not trust everything the corporate website of the surf school says. It is best to get a first hand perspective from evaluations written by other users than by a catchphrase created by an advertising campaign. TripAdvisor is one of the most reliable pages when comparing information. The score is based on the experience of former students. Such a website do not give away their Certificate of Excellance but reward it to schools who deserve it. By the way, just so you know, Calima Surf has it.

Material: boards and wetsuits have a limited shelf life. In places like the Canary Islands, where it is possible to give surf lessons every day, the norm is to renew  wetsuits twice a year and boards once a year. When one pays for a service, they can insist on certain standards. It is not the same when you are received with worn-out material than with the highest quality boards in perfect conditions. O'Neill is one of those first class brands which you will not be offered everywhere.

Qualified monitors: make sure that the school in question complies with current legislation. Not everyone is well prepared to teach you the secrets of surfing or to ensure your safety in the water. Any dangers are reduced to the minimum if the monitors are titled. Avoid sites with spiritual guides that stay on the shore without a shirt showing off. A true monitor suffers and enjoys by your side, encourages you, corrects you, gets wet and is as ecstatic as you when you manage to stand on your board for the first time.

Certificates of Completion: if you opt for a prestigious teaching centre you will receive a diploma at the end of the course that certifies your level. The certificate is the effort of a week demonstrated on paper which will motivate you to grow and improve as a surfer just like grading when practicing a martial art and gaining your next belt!

Repeat students: repeating students are another unmistakable sign that you have chosen the right place. Would you go back to a place you did not like? There is no better promotion than that of satisfied alumni. Use social media networks and take time to read others reviews and comments to get a better idea of the surf school in question and how they operate.

Location: first things first, you must find out if you are travelling to a place which breathes surfing or not. Normally, if the place is truly a surf heaven everything will revolve around surfing; you will find other surfers on arrival and, above all, is located somewhere where there are waves. At the end of the day this sport depends mostly on the weather. So choose to destination with a high probability of waves.

Packages: take care with the prices you find. Bargains re not always worth it.. They have the power to attract you at a glance, but normally they do not include  the basic package such as other promotions which are similar but somewhat more expensive. The package of surf house plus surf classes is always a good choice because this way you avoid looking for accommodation elsewhere.

On the other hand, if you are curious about other aquatic sport activities it is always a good idea to choose a surf school with offers different types of leisure activities for the days when the sea is calm.

Complimentary services: small details make a big difference. Services such as Drysurf teaching system, wifi, transportation to the beach and packed lunch on the sand are some of the things that can make a difference when making your final choice.

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